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Texters: Slang term given to a relatively harmless PageRunner (q.v.) (usually juvenile) who surf from book to book for adventure, rarely appears in the frontstory but who does, on occasion, cause small changes to text and/or plot lines.

Textmarker: An emergency device that outwardly resembles a flare pistol. Designed by the Jurisfiction Design & Technology department, the Textmarker allows a trapped PRO to 'mark' the text of the book they are within using a pre designated code of bold, italics, underlining etc, unique to the agent. Another agent may then jump in at the right page to effect a rescue. Works well as long as the rescuer is looking for the signal.

TravelBook: Standard issue equipment to all JurisFiction agents, the dimensionally ambivalent TravelBook contains information, tips, maps, recipes and extracts from popular or troublesome novels to enable speedier transbook travel. It also contains numerous JurisTech gadgets for more specialised tasks such as an MV mask, TextMarker and Eject-O-Hat. The TravelBook's cover is read-locked to each individual operative and contains as standard an emergency Panjandrum alert and auto-destruct mechanism.

The Text Sea. A mass of swirling letters and punctuation, the Text Sea (Joined by a narrow isthmus to the Searyllic Ocean) is where words are created spontaneously from letters. They are collected by sou'wester toting textmen aboard Scrawltrawlers. A lowly catch might consist of just words but the bigger trawlers that ply the outer banks of the Text Sea have been know to return with entire sentences, much treasured and sold on the dockside to waiting plotsmiths. When a book is demolished or unused plot devices are not needed they are disposed of by being dumped in the text sea. The unused words are reduced to text within the turbuleant waters, the meaning of the word burning off and appearing as a faint blue mist that can be seen at the foreshore. The Text Sea remains for the most part unexplored. Fatal to Generics, Outlanders can paddle without danger, although it is reported that the Sea feels like Nylon sheets on the skin.