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To see how we helped Murray Posh
to gain dominance of the BookWorld hat industry, read on:
Murray Posh had been a minor character in Diary of a Nobody for some years when he contacted us about increasing the market share of his hat business. We looked very carefully at Mr Posh's company and after extensive market research discovered that he had sold only one hat (a Posh's 'Patent' tall hat to Mr Lupin Pooter, now destroyed) in the previous ninety-two years. Clearly there was much work to be done, and after consultations with Mr Posh and many meetings with our highly trained creatives we arrived at four key points we needed to address in able to establish Posh as the hat manufacturer of choice:

A: Re-brand Mr Posh's hat manufacturing business and lower prices to make it competitive in the modern hat marketplace.

B: Target genres and books which might buy hats.

C: Raise awareness of hats in potential hat markets within the BookWorld.

D: Promote Mr Posh's hats with a top-class advertising campaign.

The first point was soon resolved. The old name, 'Posh's hats', was deemed too dull, so we came up with some alternatives: 'Posh's Headgear' was rejected as being too frivolous, 'Posh's entry-level hats' for being too unintelligible. We eventually chose: 'Posh's three shilling hats' which, we felt, lent an air of high quality coupled with low initial expenditure. Once rebranded we studied many genres for their suitability for hat-targeting sales strategies and concluded that 19th century classics were the most likely genre for increased hat purchase possibilities.
Robinson Crusoe
Targeting the classics, our brand awareness campaign encompasses new and original ideas not usually seen in fiction. Here a banner-towing aircraft appears in the skies above Robinson Crusoe.
Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Persuading celebrities to wear our client's products is one of our most successful strategies. Here the Mad Hatter wears a Posh Three Shilling hat.
Targeting specific genres is always very difficult and requires much market research. The Dicken's canon was the first recognised potential market and our trained salesforce instigated a campaign of leaflets, footnoterphone and 48-sheet posters in the most read books. Defoe and Verne were also targeted, the illustration above showing a banner-towing aircraft sweeping the skies above Robinson Crusoe - an extremely cost-effective method as many off-duty BookWorld characters go to Crusoe for their holidays.

One of our biggest coups was to persuade celebrities to wear hats. The Mad Hatter's celebrated wearing of a Posh-three shilling hat gave Posh a 40% hike in sales in one week alone. Articles in The Word and Movable Type assured promotion of hats in general.

By the end of the first half-year, hat sales were brisk and Murray Posh highly satisfied with our results. So much, in fact, that he married Lupin Pooter's fiance Daisy Mutlar, a small narrative flexation in Diary of a Nobody that whilst annoying does go some small way to demonstrating the power of ADVERTEXT.
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