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Small Ads
Eccentric and autocratic sea dog (ex-Verne) requires exciting and morally superior tale to exercise knowledge of the oceans and discuss man's place within his environment. French spoken, has own submarine. Apply: Captain Nemo, C/O Caversham Heights, Sub-basement six, WOLP.

Lost: Complete set of toes. Somewhere in the Bristol Channel. Any news please contact The Pobble, C/O Aunt Jobiska, Floor 12, Well of Lost Plots (Poetry Section)

Honest John's Prefeatured Character salesroom for all your character needs! Honest John has Generics grade A-6 to D-9. Top bargains this week: Mrs Danvers, choice of three, unused. +++ Lady of Shallot cloned for unfinished remake; healthy A-6 in good condition. +++Group of unruly C-5s suitable for any crowd scene - call for details. Listen to our full listings by polling footnoterphone/honestjohn

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