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Migration route still leaves bottleneck at Devizes
The recent mapping of the annual migration route shows that Devizes continues to serve as a route meeting point, causing the usual chaos on the streets as mammoths roam through town. As you can see from the map the Welsh Herd have been succesfully re-routed via the Roman Bath road and through the Mendip Hills. This was acheived through strategic placing of mammoth gates and mammoth grids on vital roads. Attempts to lure the West Coast, Lammer, Grampian and Wash herd onto alternative paths have however failed. Although at first it appeared that the Wash Herd might have been tempted south when they altered from their traditional course and headed over the newly built Thames Proboscidea crossing at Greenwich, hopes were dashed when they made a later forage north at Godalming thus joining the Grampian and Lammer Herds just outside of Devizes. Locals continue to protest and insurance remains high.

Grampian herd members take a well earned break
Those living near Stratford were privelage to a sight of mammoth family behaviour when the migrating herd stopped to cool off. The Grampian Herd often pass through the area but it has been many years since they have stopped and used the pools at Rutland Water. This photograph was taken by Mr Berrill, a member of Mammoth Watch England who volunteers with SO-13 when migration routes move close to heavily populated areas. He has been following the Grampian Herd from his home in Bridge Balgie for the last seven years. Click HERE for more of Mr Berrill's photos

mammoth photograph

mammoth mapping
Mammoth herd migration pattern this year
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Grampian herd cooling

Protesters demand mammoth exclusion zone in National Parks
Apart from the annual uproar in Devizes, new protests have arisen from the National Parkland Protection and Sunday Walkers Association. It is claimed that the national migration routes of mammoth risk erroding and destroying delicate parklands and sites of special scientific interest - Furthermore the Sunday Walkers Association claim that their safety is at risk from wandering individuals and unprecedented herd movements. Click HERE for more information.