Bestiary: A guide to some of the weird creatures living in Eddie and Jane's world.
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A picture of The Bouncing Goat

The Bouncing Goat A common and mischievous creature whose joyous leaps around the Outland during the mating season can be a quite spectacular sight, although it can be painful and sometimes fatal to be bounced upon.

Able to eat anything and survive almost any temperature and habitat, the Bouncing Goat can be seen everywhere in the Collective. It moves by a serious of leaps on its powerful hindquarters and is easily differentiated from the smaller Hopping Goat by the large and easily read Barcode on its back. the Bouncing Goat lives in a complex social group, ruled over by a dominant Eunuch.

Very common and of a bright green of chroma 72.3, the Bouncing Goat has been known to leap across stockwalls and can be a severe pest in farmland.

Taxa Number: 872918232243-82344 ?????????