As usual, please call the venue to check times and dates before you set out just in case I am kidnapped by enraged badgers, eager to promote their dangerous monochrome agenda.

Updated 14th May 2024: 2025 Boskone Added


6th Feb: Red Side Story, the sequel to Shades of Grey. (UK)

The Link Tree for orders can be found HERE.

May 7th: Red Side Story
Published USA/CAN

May 24th: Hay Festival appearance
Event 23: 7PM, Meadow Stage. Tickets

May 26th: Hay Castle Workshop
Sunday 26 May 2024, 10am - 4pm Venue: Hay Castle Clore Learning Space

There is no write way to right. Talk writing with bestselling author Jasper Fforde. Irrespective of your genre or style there are broad conventions we can all listen to in order to make your writing engaging and publishable.

Come and find out what can help you with your writing in an informal chat-led workshop with Jasper who will introduce you to some tips that helped him with his writing and some ideas that he has picked up over the last 25 years of writing. Tickets

July 14th: Newark Book Festival
Newark-on-Trent, over near Lincoln. Venue: Newark Town Hall Ballroom, 02:45-03:45 Website: Newark Book Festival

Aug 16th-19th: Erasmuscon.
First Dutch Eurocon, Rotterdam. Website: erasmuscon

Sept 24th: Carterton Library Event
Carterton, Oxfordshire, 18:00 hrs. Support our libraries!
More details TBA.

Oct 19th: East Riding Festival of words
Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire. Support our libraries!
More details TBA. Website


Feb 14-16 2025: Boskone 62
GOH at the New England Science Fiction Associations annual conference, Boston, MA. Great Honour. Website: Boskone

11th October 2025: OH!CON
Appearance at the Outer Hebrides Comic Con in Stornaway. Website: OH!CON


March 02031:   Asteroid belt and Saturn (technology permitting) More details TBA.
October 02042:   81-year-old Fforde talks to other members of old people's home: "I used to be a novelist, no really, I did. Is it lunchtime?" More details TBA.
July 02175:   Semi-lifelike cloned Ffordesque replicant to tour Gamma Quadrant in the Cygnus Cluster. More details TBA.
Setember 03431:   Much improved Fforde cloned back to life to face execution for sedition; all works consigned to erasure.
Janfebry 008910:   Last evidence of Fforde's books vanish forever with the removal of the 'Formerly Thursday Street' plaque from what is now W23-61 Rd in the conurbation known as EuroWest-79.
00012972:    Visiting archeologists from Thraal-7 discover incomplete copy of Well of Lost Plots from excavation in landfill. Deciphering takes seven hundred years and a further four hundred years of academic scrutiny before being accepted as historical fact.