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Wonder Number Two:
The Hanging Baskets of Babbington
The only 'Seven Wonder' that was never in any question over inclusion, the Hanging Baskets of Babbington Park are famous the world over for not only their colour and striking fragrance, but for their variety. Even the fussiest basketologian will find something to please them in the twenty or so hanging baskets on display, ranging in size from a tiddler barely 7' across to the "Colonel's Basket" which is 23' in diameter and weighs three tons.

Inaugurated in 1923 by Colonel Babbington in the parkland named in his honour, the Baskets have been recently incorporated into a new housing estate as the Colonel demanded in his will. The buildings on the site are constructed of steel girders to take the massive weights, and each basket can be lowered by a system of pulleys ingeniously hidden within the basement of each house.
view of Hnaging Baskets of Babbington
  A relatively small basket of manypeoplia Upsidownia greets visitors to the park.
another view of Hnaging Baskets of Babbington
Each homeowner in the park is responsible for his or her own hanging basket and in return is given reduced rent and as much peat and peonies as they need. Due to a recent environmental outcry the Babbington Trust is happy to point out that they only use peat from renewable sources.

During Winter the more valuable baskets are moved by low-loader to nearby Shaw Ridge, where a climate-controlled greenhouse keeps them fresh for the next season.

Visitor's Information: Babbington Park is situated in the West of the City near Shaw Ridge. Visitor's centre on site and caters for all Basketicians; courses run in the summer months.
Closest Skyrail: Shaw Ridge.
Telephone: Shaw 823
An ingenious system of pulleys allow baskets to be lowered for maintenance. 
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