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Welcome to Pete & Dave's Dodo Emporium. Of course, it's not just dodos we deal in, it's any reengineered species. Whether you are showing, racing or simply as a pet, Pete & Dave's has something for everyone.Please note that our stock changes daily so call for latest offers and prices. Cash waiting for good examples of reengineered creatures. A SpecOps-13 keeper's licence will be required on all purchases and sales. Please note also that Pete & Dave's fully support Anti-Chimera legislation and will report any illegally spliced creatures to the appropriate authorities.

big dodo

Mauritius Dodo Raphus Cuculatis Resurgam Extinct: 1651 - 1972
The dodo was the first unextincted creature, brought back in 1972 by Mycrotech Technologies. No longer available as an over-the-counter cloning kit, these 'ready brews' will delight and enthral!

Dodo V1.8 for immediate delivery:
Rare collectors edition. VGC for year, slight genetic abnormality to foot (not uncommon in early dodos) Potential show-winner, this dodo is friendly and family orientated. Full SpecOps-13 registered, class IV keeper's licence required to own......£350.00
Dodo V2.9.1 for immediate delivery:
Finely sequenced 'Special' direct from Mycrotech. This bird is perfect in almost every detail. Friendly and easy to train to do dozens of amusing tricks, the V2.9.1 represents the very finest in reengineered dodos. Two years old and fully accredited with the dodo fanciers society. Full SpecOps-13 registered, class IV licence required to own.......£call
Dodo V3.6 for immediate delivery:
Good 'entry level' dodo for those wishing to start collecting. We admit the V3s were not the brightest or prettiest of the line, but this bird is simple and loving and does not wake up at night and start plocking as some of the earlier models. Full SpecOps-13 registered, class IV keeper's licence required to own.......£60

Pygmy Mastodons
pygmy mastodon

Pygmy Mastodon Mastodonis Minimus Extinct: 8,000 BCE- 1977
The mastodon, unlike the mammoth, was easily pygmified and designed primarily as a household pet. Intelligent and loving, the pygmy mastodon is guaranteed to grow no larger than a St Bernard and is easily housetrained. Although more work than a dodo, the higher intelligence and prehensile trunk makes the pygmy mastodon the ideal companion for the disabled or hard-of-seeing. We know of one mastodon who even used to do the shopping!
Pygmy Mastodon in stock
V8.3 1979 model, probably the best year for mastodons ever. Complete in every detail and now sporting 7" tusks, this pint-sized bull mastodon is gentle and loving and can perform many simple household chores. Not available to anyone without at least one hectare of roaming space, this mastodon is good with children and can pull a small cart or stack logs with ease. As with all mastodons, a class I keeper's licence is required, plus suitability checks by SO-13, at your expense...........£12,500
Pygmy Mastodons arriving soon (choice of six)
Brand new V9.2s recently decanted and only requiring genetic health and stability checks before coming on the market! These delightful calves are presently the size of a fox terrier but should grow to about 42" at the shoulder. The zenith of elephantine resequencing, the V9s are more resilient to illness than anything previously seen. Good temperament and a fine light grey skin makes this little cutie the one to watch and collect. V9s will be all the rage soon, so book yours now and avoid disappointment. As with all mastodons, a class I keeper's licence is required, plus suitability checks by SO-13, at your expense...........from £26,000

Sabre Tooth Tigers
big sabre
Sabre Tooth Tiger Smilodon Fatalis Resurgam. Extinct: 10,000 BCE - 1982
The sabre tooth tiger was never the most popular of re-engineered species and no new domestic examples have been decanted for almost five years. We think this is a shame as these magnificent creatures make warm and affectionate pets although their use as guardcats cannot be understated. Goliath still use full-size sabres as patrol and anti-incursion devices (not available to the public) but we do get examples from time to time. Don't be put off by the teeth - they are really just for show!

Sabre Tooth urgently needs new home
Affectionate and mild V2.6 needs good home as owner is moving to bungalow. All health checks complete and ivory in excellent condition, this sabre is smaller than most at 22" to the shoulder but requires a lot of exercise, and, due to current SO-13 legislation, must be kept muzzled when in public. Fine stripes in deep yellow and dark brown, this sabre is a beautiful example. Much reduced price.......£200

Tasmanian Tiger Thylacinus Cynocephalus Resurgam Extinct: 1931 - 1973
Originally designed as medical test vessels in 1973, these friendly dog-like creatures are now coming onto the market in sufficient numbers for them to have their own fancier's society. The Thylacine is tame and docile and likes children but will make do with dog food. It will require grooming (they never did get the sequencing right on the fur) but little exercise, making thylacines probably the least labour-intensive reextinctee of them all.
Thylacines in stock and ready for immediate delivery
A selection of Thylacines from version 1.2 up to 3.4 are available now to good homes. These delightful creatures require only a Class V keeper's licence (available from the post office) and make good pets with little or no special needs. Choice of colours and sizes, all with valid medicals and provenance.......From £30

'Trilobite' Sthenarocalymene celebra. Extinct: 200 MYA- 1985
Not a true trilobite that roamed the warm seas of the Paleozoic but a fully licenced hybrid designed by Mycrotech's finest genesplicers. Built from horseshoe crab and parts of a woodlouse, these little gems of reengineering have been especially licenced by SO-13 as food for the notoriously fussy eater Anomalocaris canadensis. Surplus to requirements, these cuddly Paleozoic lookalikes make excellent pets and are the only non-evolved lifeforms (Chimeras) to be licensed by SpecOps-13 for private ownership.
'Trilobites' available from next month.
A selection of 'trilobites' will be available from November. These intriguing little critters crawl, feed, defecate and shed their carapace as much like the originals as we are ever likely to know. Non-reproductive yet functional in every other way, these strange yet delightful creatures will be a joy to keep. Class I keepers certificate is mandatory but the trilobite will live very happily in an average sized fishtank. From £100 a pair.
Warning: The 'Trilobite' is spliced with Cellblaster™ self-expiration technology and will not live longer than twelve months.