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Taylor JT1 'mono'
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Taylor JT1

This is a JT-1, or more simply, a 'Taylor Mono'. This is one of the aircraft, along with the FRED, VP-1 and Currie Wot that did so much to generate interest in homebuilding aircraft. The designer John Taylor intended it for homebuilding, so made the construction very straightforward, with all the major components small enough to be built in a single garage.

The prototype, G-ARPT was built in an upstairs room at Ilford and had to be craned out of an upstairs window. The aircraft is immensley strong and was stressed for aerobatics, although the Popular Flying Association decided not to clear it.

This example had about three owners and was about the third to be started, although the fifteenth or so to be finished. I bought it from Phil Phillips who was then the CFI at Lasham and a keen glider; the sliding canopy is a nimbus III canopy on back to front I am told. This JT-1 had an 1835 VW engine in it which needed rebuilding, but when it flew it really flew - it would potentially cruise at its Vne and was off the ground like startled cat.

But somehow, she and I never got along, and I sold her on without doing many hours in her. Interestingly, my only engine failure (to date) has been in this aircraft. It happened at just the place you want it to happen - taxiing to the hold. Two minutes later might have been hairy.

Last time I saw 'NG she was at Shobdon with another coat of paint and a starter fitted. I still had the cruise prop, so left it for the new owner.

The Prototype is still flying.