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Acheron Hades: Why named so?
Adventures in Jasperland
Adverts - TN2
AdverText - the BookWorld's premier advertising agency
AdverText - Details of Murray Posh's Hat campaign
Alexander Belfridge
Annotated version, how to use
Annotated first four pages of The Eyre Affair
Appearances: Where I will be touring/signing
Appearances: Archived tour dates. Useful for reference or those with a time machine.
Archive page - old webpages retained for reference
Aornis Hades. Remember her?
Aviation: The Air Affair. Various aviation-related things (index)
Aviation: Jasper's aircraft over the years
Aviation: Rebuilding the Rearwin
Aviation: 100 years of flight - to the second
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Barcodes - all about them
Beastiary - Shades of Grey
Being asked to write a 2nd book.
Bicycle brakes
Biographies, various lengths
Blog: Whatever's current
Blog: Penguin 2007
Blog: UK and US Tour 2010
Blog: UK and US Tour 2011
Blog: Ffiesta 2010
Blurb writing competition
Bookplates, Swindon Library
Bookcase Game
Bookcovers - downloadable for web authors and the like
Book Signing Dates
Bookshelf: The Eyre Affair
Bordeauxesque Label (label)
Boss Coming
Bowden Cable: What sort of a name is that?
Bowden Cable: His name in depth
'Boy bands an analogy for revolution in intellectual thought? How do you figure that?'
Braxton Hicks: His name in depth
Bronte Federation Homepage (Thursday Next Site)
Buy my books please!
Buy books
Buy Stuff Online - T-shirts, mugs, caps, etc
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Canada Tour 2003 - archived details
'Canon of Love' - small excerpt from Farquitt novel
Cat, Cheshire
Cat, Cheshire: Thursday, Meeting of
Cat, Cheshire: Alice, Meeting of
Cardenio, lost
Cardenio, found.
Capel-y-Ffin, Chapel at (Picture)
Cavalcade; Pickwick's - of Fun
Charity Auction
Christmas Quiz 2009
ChronoGuard: Bad Time Desktop Wallpaper
Chronoclastic Ether
ChronoGuard: Seize and Eradication Order
ChronoGuard: Time Squeezing Game
Cloning Mammoths - PSD elucidates on this unique area of research.
Coincidence Corner - Get that entroposcope out!
Colour - a guide linked to the Chromatica in Shades of Grey
Competition Terminus - listings and results of all the competitions run on my site.
Competition: Italian copy of DS1 (2011)
Competition: Flipback Shades of Grey Giveaway (2011)
Competition: PB Shades of Grey Giveaway (2011)
Competition: 2007 Colouring In. (In collaboration with the TN5 release)
Competition: 2003 Nextian Brain. (In collaboration with the TN3 UK release)
Competition: Penguin Literary Challenge for launch of TN2 (USA) You can do it, but no prizes anymore!
Competition results: TN-2 Blurb writer's challenge
Competition results: Wherefore that name?
Competition (old) Dalmation
Competition, Dalmation: Answer
Constant Rabbit: Main Index
Constant Rabbit: preorder USA Books
Constant Rabbit: Buy the books
Constant Rabbit: USA Viking edition
Constant Rabbit: What's it all about?
Constant Rabbit: Location Scout
Constant Rabbit: Whats new/updates
Constant Rabbit: Further Reading
Contact Page, if you want to get in touch - but please read my FAQ page first
Contents Page
Cordelia Flakk's guest offer
Crowden, Thursday - first baby pic.
Croquet thoughts
Crimea, still on
Covers, book - downloadable for web authors and the like.
CV - Jasper's
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Dalmation: Old Competition
Answer to Dalmation competition
Dodo: Australian Cover Design Screensaver
Dodo Cloning Kit, picture of.
Dodo Desktop Wallpaper
Dodo News Network. Latest news of the world's most famous extinct bird.
Dodo Memory Game
Dodo crossing the road
Dodo: problems about cloning
Weird 'dodo graffiti' from Stockholm
Dodo: painted roadsign
Dodo: Home Cloning Kit
Dodo: Pete & Dave's Dodo Emporium
Dodo on cover
Dodo: Home Cloning Kit Desktop Wallpaper
Downloadable Pictures of Fforde for webauthoring purposes
Downloadable Bookjackets for webauthoring purposes
Dragonslayer, the Last. Page full of bits and bobs
Dragonslayer I - The first book in the trilogy
Dragonslayer II - The Song fo the Quarkbeast - number two in the trilogy
Dream Topping. Nextian Goodies given to the winners of the 'Spare part in TN2' auction
dream topping, creating jeopardy from.
Duke of Wellington
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eBooks - links to where you can download them - all territories
Early Riser - Index Page
Early Riser - 'Making of' Wordamentary
Early Riser - Deleted Opener
Early Riser - Location Scout
Early Riser - Handbook of Winterology
Early Riser - Index Page
Early Riser - Index Page
eBay shop at Ffotographica
List of editions and numbers of books in circulation
Essay: Stig of the Dump
Essay: Martian Attack
Eyre Affair, The : Writing it - musings
Eyre Affair, The : Buy online!
Eyre Affair, The : Downloadable Book Covers
Eyre Affair, The : Made Up Words
Eyre Affair, The : Promotional Gizmos (UK)
Eyre Affair, The : Promotional Gizmos (USA)
Eyre Affair, The : 1st UK Proof Edition
Eyre Affair, The : 1st UK Softcover Edition
Eyre Affair, The : 2nd UK Cover Design
Eyre Affair, The : Viking 1st Edition (US)
Eyre Affair, The : Viking Advanced Proof (US)
Eyre Affair, The : Viking Proof (US)
Eyre Affair, The : 1st Penguin softback
Eyre Affair, The : USA Bookclub edition
Eyre Affair, The : USA Large print edition
Eyre Affair, The : UK Large Print edition
Eyre Affair, The : UK 2nd Cover Design
Eyre Affair, The : A format UK paperback edition
Eyre Affair, The : 1st UK Hardback UK edition
Eyre Affair, The : UK talking Book
Eyre Affair, The : Specially bound 'bestseller' US edition
Eyre Affair, The : CD talking Book US edition
Eyre Affair, The : CD Talking Book US edition
Eyre Affair, The : Australian paperback edition
Eyre Affair, The : French Proof Paperback edition The Eyre Affair
Eyre Affair, The : French Paperback edition
Eyre Affair, The : German Paperback edition
Eyre Affair, The : Hebrew edition
Eyre Affair, The : Korean edition
Eyre Affair, The : Japanese edition
Eyre Affair, The : Early cover designs
Eyre Affair, The: Annotated few pages
Eyre Affair, The: Jon Brierley's guide for non-Brits
Eyre Affair, The: 1.4 UK Upgrade
Eyre Affair, The: 2.1 US Upgrade
Entroposcope inside goodies for winner of the TN-2 'win a part' competition.
Entroposcope Download
Entroposcope: Picture
Eradications and other time travelling paradoxes.
Extreme Thursday Next
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Fairie Queen
Farquitt, Daphne, Small section from 'Canon of Love'
Fan, Biggest
Fan Club: Whatever Next
Fan Club: (email address) wn at jasperffordeffanclub dot com (email address in this form to foil spam harvesters!)
Favourite Words.
Fforde Ffilms. Click here for various movies.
Fforde Ffilm Ffacts
Fforde Ffiesta Seperate Website
Fforde Ffiesta 2010 Blog
Ffotographica - ebay shop for all things Ffordian
Fforde Grand Central Page
Fforde Inspired Pet Names
Finis Hotel: Do Not Disturb Door Sign download
Finis Hotel: Hotel Information
'First Among Sequels' cover mismatch dealt with
'First Signed Stamp' What's this all about?
Flying: The Air Affair
Foreign Sales Listings
Fourth Bear
Flash Movie - intro to the Nextian Universe (Flash Required)
French Revisionists
Frequently Asked Questions
Friday 11th August 1985
Fun, fun, fun
Fun, Pickwick's Cavalcade of
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Games: Bookcase
Games: Boss Coming Screen
Games: ChronoGuard
Games, Index of
Games: Maths Test
Games: Memory
Games: Reflex Test 1
Games: Reflex Test 2
Games: Splat the Bat
GeekSpeak Magazine Interview.
Giveaway List - Pictures/Postcards
Giveaways - What's Going On?
Goliath: Beginnings of
Goliath Desktop Wallpaper
Goliath Website Homepage
Goliath Website: Advanced Technology Page
Goliath Website: Aims and Strategies Page
Goliath Website: A message from the Goliath CEO
Goliath Website: Products and Services
Goliath Website: Press Releases
Goliath Website: Press Releases: Eating Penguins
Goliath Website: Press Releases: Buying Antartica
Goliath Website: Press Releases: The Truth about Interest-Free Credit
Goliath Website: Press Releases: Streamlining the Global Hat Industry
Goliath Website: Press Releases: Smoking is Good for you
Goliath Orange Jam
Goliath Corporation. Alternative names of
Gordon, Sir, Duff-Rolex. Who he?
Goodies. Given to the winners of the 'Spare part in TN2' auction
Gravitube. Possible in theory?
Griffin Sportina Advert (Picture)
Guggenheim in Swindon (Picture)
Guide for readers: The Eyre Affair
Guide for readers: Lost in a Good Book
Guide for readers: Well of Lost Plots
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Haikus, readers contributions
Harvey, Rabbit, 6'6" high
Harold, King. Losing eye and battle
Hamlet - quote from play
"Spot the Hamlet" Competition
"How Hamlet are you?" Game
Hard Times, Dickens
Havisham, Miss
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Imperial Russia Government
Instagram Welcome Page
Ivanhoe, boring classic or not? You vote!
ISBN numbers
Illustrations. See Roberts, Maggy.
Interview with GeekSpeak Magazine.
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Jabberwock - modelling Kalvin Hobbs' designer tunic and spats.
Jack Schitt, the Beginnings of
Jasper Fforde: Downloadable Pictures for webauthoring purposes
Jane Eyre. Why use her in The Eyre Affair?
Jasper's Mother has some wisdom for all of you
Jasper's published books and versions therof
Jasper Fforde: Signature problems. Signed copy doesn't look right?
Japanese edition of The Eyre Affair
Jigsaw Puzzle
Jigsaw Puzzle (picture)
Journalist's Resource:
Journalist's Resource: Short Bio of Fforde
Journalist's Resource: Questions and Answers
Journalist's Resource: Movie CV
Journalist's Resource: Downloadable Mugshots
Journalist's Resource: Book Jackets to download
Journalist's Resource: Other Nextian Images
Journalist's Resource: FAQ
Jurisfiction Site:
Jurisfiction Merchandising
Jurisfiction Travelbook - Start.
Jurisfiction Bestiary - five different grammasites to study
Jurisfiction Glossary
Jurisfiction Technical
Jurisfiction Advert - Minotaur Wanted
Jurisfiction Advert - Visit Tara!
Jurisfiction Advert - Small Ads
Jurisfiction Advert - Recruitment
Jurisfiction - 'AdverText' advertising agency
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Kafka's The Trial.
Kaine, Yorrick - torn poster (Picture)
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Landen Parke-Laine: His name in depth
Locksley Hall, pastich of
Leigh Delamare - the truth
Lost in a Good Book:Adverts
Lost in a Good Book:Special Features - Contents
Lost in a Good Book:Special Features - Wordamentary
Lost in a Good Book:Special Features - Bonus Material
Lost in a Good Book:Buy online!
Lost in a Good Book:Downloadable Book Covers
Lost in a Good Book:Made Up Words
Lost in a Good Book: 1.1 UK Upgrade offer
Lost in a Good Book Jon Brierley's guide for non-Brits
Lyons, Roger: Essay over death on a film set.
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Mad Hatter wearing a 'Posh three shilling hat'
Mauve - Bedroom colour
Maggy Roberts: See Roberts, Maggy
Martian, Woking, should be like Osborne Bulls
Mr Meakle Picture
Maida Vale
Mammoths: Australian Desktop Wall Paper
Mammoth Cloning - PSD elucidates on this unique area of research.
Mammoth Migration Homepage (Thursday Next Site)
Mammoth Desktop Wallpaper
Mammoth migrating! Watch out!
Mammoth incursion in Swindon (Picture)
Martian- Surrey
Maths Test
Mailchimp Signup
McEwan, Ian. Story about
Merchandising - ebay shop at Ffotographica
Moby Dick. Boring or not?
Molesworth pastiche by John Brierley
Mona Lisa - made from toast
Monopoly Extreme - Rules for playing
Movie - Flash intro to the Nextian Universe (Flash Required)
Movies - Wot Jasper worked on in his previous life
Murray Posh's Hat advertising campaign
Mycoft Next: his name in depth
Mycroft Next - mad as pants
Mycrotech: Sarcasm early warning device
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Names in TN1 - where do they come from?
NarrativeDeviceSwipery. What it is and how can you do it
Nakajima, Mrs, Upgrade problems
Neanderthal Nation.
'Nextian Brain 2003' competition - results
'Nextian Brain 2003' competition - questions
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Old webpage vault
Odd concepts across to the reader no 1
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Paradise Lost
Passenger Pigeon: A contender for cloning?
Paige Turner: Trying to find Mr. Right
Pete and Dave's Dodo Emporium (Web Site)
Pete and Dave's Dodo Emporium (picture)
Pets with Fforde Inspired Names
Free Downloadable Photographs
Pickwick's Cavalcade of Fun
Pickwick's Seasonal Surprise
Pickwick, short history of
Pickwick's Calvacade of Fun
Pickwick:The Early Years
Pictures of the Week Index
Pinter, Harold, story about
Pilgrim's Progress
Potted Precis of my books
Postcards - Giveaway List
Porschesque Speedster
Precis of my books
Press Releases
Press Release Archive
PN 17296
Publication Dates
Puffin of Puffins: Stig of the Dump - Essay
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