As usual, please call the venue to check times and dates before you set out just in case I get carried off into the hills by an enraged mountain piglet or something.

Updated 18th April 2016: Hay on Wye Festival Events Added, Plus Spain in 2017.


May 11th Wrexham, Wales.
Wrexham Carnival of Words, Wales.
Wrexham Carnival of Words Facebook Page

May 27 Hay on Wye Festival, Wales.
The Keep - Magazine Launch Event
THE GENIUS OF THE MARCHES Event 37: Friday 27 May 2016, 8.30pm. Venue: Good Energy Stage. A constellation of writers, artists and photographers of the Welsh Marches celebrate the first issue of The Keep, Hay's new literary and arts magazine, with an evening of readings, stories and pictures, under the editorial baton of Iain Finlayson. With Owen Sheers, Ben Rawlence, Nina Lyon, Jasper Fforde, Soma Ghosh,Oliver Balch, Tom Bullough, Jenny Valentine, Dix and Marsha Arnold. Website

June 5th Hay on Wye, Wales.
How The Light Gets In

9am - breakfast discussion on the theme of fantasy's role in our lives. 4pm - Culture Shock debate: looking at the state of culture in this country and asking if we've run out of ideas. This is a festival of Philsophy and Music the same week as the Hay Festival. I recommend both most highly. Come to Hay and do both - then walk around the town - it's Win Win Win! Website

June 17th - 19th, 2016, Winchester, UK:
Winchester Writer's Festival, UK.
Winchester Writer's Festival Festival Website Friday masterclass, plus one on ones on Saturday.

July 1st - 3rd, 2016, Finland
Finncon, Tampere, Finland.
Festival Website I am one of the GOHs, and will be there for the three full days doing talks, panels, tiddlywinks, that sort of stuff.

October 20th-23rd, Surrey, Canada:
Surrey International Writers Conference, Canada.
Surrey International Writers Conference, Conference Website Talks, one on one, panels. All within sight of the Rockies!


27th-28th May 2017, Swindon, UK:
Fforde Ffiesta VII, Swindon, UK.
It'll be a cracker. Fun and games, talks about 'Early Riser', fancy dress, 'Avoid the Question Time', 'Name that fruit', preview of next novel, lament to the lost Carfax car park, and more more more!

July 2017, AvilÚs, Spain:
Celsius232 Festival
Celsius232 (= Fahrenheit451) is Spain's leading festival of SF and Fantasy, now in its fifth year, held in the medieval town of AvilÚs in pastoral Asturias province half way along the top of Spain.


March 02031:   Asteroid belt and Saturn (technology permitting) More details TBA.
October 02042:   81-year-old Fforde talks to other members of old people's home: "I used to be a novelist, no really, I did. Is it lunchtime?" More details TBA.
July 02175:   Semi-lifelike cloned Ffordesque replicant to tour Gamma Quadrant in the Cygnus Cluster. More details TBA.
Setember 03431:   Much improved Fforde cloned back to life to face execution for sedition; all works consigned to erasure.
Janfebry 008910:   Last evidence of Fforde's books vanish forever with the removal of the 'Formerly Thursday Street' plaque from what is now W23-61 Rd in the conurbation known as EuroWest-79.
00012972:    Visiting archeologists from Thraal-7 discover incomplete copy of Well of Lost Plots from excavation in landfill. Deciphering takes seven hundred years and a further four hundred years of academic scrutiny before being accepted as historical fact.