As usual, please call the venue to check times and dates before you set out just in case I am kidnapped by badgers, eager to promote their dangerous monochrome agenda.

Updated 4th May 2018: UK Early Riser Book Tour dates added


22nd July 2018, Wilts/Dorset, UK
Larmer Tree Festival
Sunday panel and solo event, sneak preview talk about 'Early Riser'. More details to follow. Larmer Tree Festival Website

July 30th - Aug 11th, United Kingdom
Early Riser Book Tour
We are currently kicking off in London, then with various talks and Q and As all points of the compass, but probably not Penzance or Berwick. Or Chester.
Early Riser minisite

August 13th - 18th, 2018, Wales.
Ty Newydd writing retreat, Wales
With Belinda Bauer, the course is called: Crime Fiction: A Twist in the Tale and from their website: "This course is designed for those who would like to write best-selling crime fiction - with a twist. Whether you're writing your first novel, are switching from another genre, or have only dreamed of being a published author, we hope you'll enjoy this down-to-earth, fun, and practical course. In workshops and one-to-one mentoring sessions, we will be sharing our tried and tested methods of creating character, plot and tension, while helping you to avoid some common pitfalls. We'll offer advice on a range of issues, from writer's block and the art of pitching, to how to cope with bad reviews!"

For more details, please mouse you way to the Ty Newydd website.


25th-26th May 2019, Swindon, UK:
Fforde Ffiesta VIII, Swindon, UK.
These Festivals are held biannually and oh, what fun we have - and hopefully a lot more to talk about this year as I will have at least one more book published... Their Website is here.


March 02031:   Asteroid belt and Saturn (technology permitting) More details TBA.
October 02042:   81-year-old Fforde talks to other members of old people's home: "I used to be a novelist, no really, I did. Is it lunchtime?" More details TBA.
July 02175:   Semi-lifelike cloned Ffordesque replicant to tour Gamma Quadrant in the Cygnus Cluster. More details TBA.
Setember 03431:   Much improved Fforde cloned back to life to face execution for sedition; all works consigned to erasure.
Janfebry 008910:   Last evidence of Fforde's books vanish forever with the removal of the 'Formerly Thursday Street' plaque from what is now W23-61 Rd in the conurbation known as EuroWest-79.
00012972:    Visiting archeologists from Thraal-7 discover incomplete copy of Well of Lost Plots from excavation in landfill. Deciphering takes seven hundred years and a further four hundred years of academic scrutiny before being accepted as historical fact.