I update this page quite often so check back now and again. As usual, please call the venue to check times and dates before you set out just in case I get struck by lightning or something.

Updated 8th April 2014: 'UTOPIA' Festival, Tel Aviv, Sept 2014 - possible event
Updated 8th April 2014: Emirate Airline Literature Festival, Dubai, March 2015 - possible event


Thursday 24th April
Marshfield Literary Society event

Marshfield is sort of near Chippenham and Bristol.

Venue: The Chapel, High Street Marshfield. Tickets are available from Central Stores in Marshfield at 2.50 each or on the evening if space available. Doors open at 7.30pm for a 8pm start.

Thursday 8th May
Lincoln Inspired Festival, Lincoln, England.

Lincoln Inspired is an innovative festival for all ages where arts, music, books, theatre, comedy and conversation come together at venues across the historic city of Lincoln. I'll be talking on the Thursday, in all liklihood at 7:00 PM. Venue TBA.

Lincoln Inspired Website

15th - 18th May - Crimefest, Bristol.

The International Crime Fiction Convention.

Penciled apperances:

FRIDAY, 16 MAY 16:00 - 16:50 An Irishwoman, A Welshman, An Englishwoman, A Scotsman, & An English Moderator Walk Into A Book
* Ruth Dudley Edwards * Jasper Fforde * Sheila Quigley * Craig Robertson
Participating Moderator: Simon Brett

- In Conversation with Peter Guttridge.

CrimeFest Website

28th May: Hay Festival, Hay on Wye, Wales.

Starlight Tent, 10:00AM - Children's event with me talking about Dragons and the Eye of Zoltar.

Hay Festival Website

How The Light Gets In Festival, Hay on Wye.
22nd May - 1st June 2014

The philosophy and music festival at Hay on Wye

Confirmed appearances:

FRIDAY, 30th MAY, 3PM. Ring, Event 348: 'After Satire'. Have we entered a post-satire age of extremes that confuse and confound the humourist/futurist? Jasper talks about the satire he wrote in his novels that has now come true, and reveals that a statisitical theory he plucked out of his ear is now being taken seriously.

SUNDAY, 1st JUNE, 9AM. Pavilion, Event 442: Philosophy Breakfast. Share your croissants and coffee with Jasper and expound on some of the more outlandish theories in his books. About how Boybands can be used to demonstrate the fashion of scientific thought, and how quantum duality can be seen in John Travolta movies. Or something.

SUNDAY, 1st JUNE, 4PM. International, Event 467: 'Imagining the Truth'. Mike Figgis, Adam Roberts, Deborah Levy and Jasper Fforde. Lyse Doucet hosts.

We believe reason is our best tool for acquiring true knowledge of the world. But Picasso said 'art is a lie that tells the truth,' and many others before him have made similar claims. Are they right? Can imagination lead us to truths hidden from the rational mind, or is this romantic hogswash?

Filmmaker Mike Figgis, SF novelist Adam Roberts, Thursday Next author Jasper Fforde and Booker nominated writer Deborah Levy go in search of the truth.

Festival Website

20th - 22nd June Winchester Writers' Conference

Master Class Course and one to one appointments

Date: June 20th - 22nd, 2014

Venue: Winchester Writers' Conference

More details to follow

Website: The Winchester Writers' Conference

September 14-19th, Tel Aviv, Israel.

UTOPIA Festival - possible appearance, TBC

October: USA Publication of DS-3: The Eye of Zoltar

Two week tour in the USA

November 13th - 16th: Wordplay 2014, Shetland Islands.

Tentative booking to appear at the 14th annual festival, held on one of the UK's most delightful group of islands.

Website: Wordplay 2014


March 2015, Dubai, UAE:
Emirate Airlines Festival of Literature - possible appearance, TBC

May 2015, Swindon:
Fforde Ffiesta V - Ten year anniversary event, 23-24th May


March 02031:   Asteroid belt and Saturn (technology permitting) More details TBA.
October 02042:   81-year-old Fforde talks to other members of old people's home: "I used to be a novelist, no really, I did. Is it lunchtime?" More details TBA.
July 02175:   Semi-lifelike cloned Ffordesque replicant to tour Gamma Quadrant in the Cygnus Cluster. More details TBA.
Setember 03431:   Much improved Fforde cloned back to life to face execution for sedition; all works consigned to erasure.
Janfebry 008910:   Last evidence of Fforde's books vanish forever with the removal of the 'Formerly Thursday Street' plaque from what is now W23-61 Rd in the conurbation known as EuroWest-79.
00012972:    Visiting archeologists from Thraal-7 discover incomplete copy of Well of Lost Plots from excavation in landfill. Deciphering takes seven hundred years and a further four hundred years of academic scrutiny before being accepted as historical fact.