Thursday Nextreme


"Big Day at the Ffield Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL

May, 2008

It was a big day indeed. I got to see lots of Mythical Beasts, rock-solid bits of no-longer evolving life, and lots of stuffed animals. I did go with an agenda, however. I had knit up a bunch of trailings of spare yarn into a lovely dodo-sized poncho. And, defying all odds, I FOUND a dodo. But, sweatering a dodo is a cowboy's sport, for sure. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get enough stealth into my approach.

My big surprise for the day came when I tried to take a little reading break. There I was, taking a breather in the Tertiary Era of the Evolving Planet exhibit, when suddenly, out of nowhere, a real live mastadon skeleton comes barrelling up behind me and launches my book from my grip. My first concern was that he was going to eat it, and honestly, who would want to spend another $14.00 on a conveniently oversized softcover edition? Anyway, Mr. Mastadon came to an abrupt halt, and started tusking through the pages. When he finished, he kindly lowered my book back to me. I offered him some peanuts, but he opted to chew the foam handgrips on some lady's SUV-sized baby stroller instead."

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