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receiving Offloading

Dear Mr Fforde,

I had the opportunity to read Lost in a Good Book while on board a US Air Force KC-10 airplane, during an aerial refueling demonstration. In case you're not familiar with the plane, the principal role is to provide aerial refueling to other aircrafts, but it also functions as a cargo transport plane.

Once in position, I joined the pilots and engineer in the flight deck while our plane was on the receiving end of a simulated "dry" air refueling. I took a moment away from my reading to snap a picture here and there, please see attached. A little later on we switched roles with the other plane and from the ARO (aerial refueling operator) station, located at the back of the plane and below the main deck, I looked up from my book to see the other plane below us and hooked up to the end of the boom.

I only recently discovered your novels after having The Eyre Affair on a list of books which were recommended to me, but which finally got checked off. I completed the second novel shortly after we landed back at the air base. I look forward to picking up the next Thursday Next novel, The Well of Lost Plots, and seeing what's in store, both on the ground and elsewhere.


Guruniyam k.

P.S. Ever since I entered the 40 hour work week routine, Thursday has always been my favorite day of the week. Coincidence?

Aro station

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