Thursday Nextreme

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Hello Mr Fforde,

While in search of a quiet place to read the next Next adventure I stumbled upon a garden. It was as peaceful as it was floral. As I sat engrossed in your book I felt a tickle on my cheek. I was surprised to see something I never believed existed. A Faerie, and she was reading right along with me. Each time I returned to the garden there were more and more of them. All gathering to find out what trouble Thursday had gotten into next. At first it was really amazing and wondrous. But now its just completely annoying, they borrow my books and don't return them and whenever I try to read they buzz around my head trying to find a good spot to look over my shoulder. When I saw the 'Thursday Nextreme Cup" I knew it would be the perfect device in order to trap the little pests. I've been contacted by a Mr. Schitt who has offered a tidy sum in exchange for one of them. I'd be willing to split it with you, for the cup of course.

Jeani Bishop

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