Thursday Nextreme

Jeff reads a book in the wreck of his house
I am indebted to Jeff Frederic who sent me the following picture and says:

"..Something is rotten in New Orleans. It's my house! On August 29th, 2005 the 17th Street Canal broke from the pressure of Hurricane Katrina, and an entire lake flowed through my living room. It s almost a year later, and the smell has not improved much. I checked out the book from a library in a nearby city, as I have never been able to locate my collection. We did, however, finally find my cousin's car which ended up two blocks away, upside down in a neighbor's yard. We accused her of stealing it. She denies.

The house is on the list to be knocked down, but so are seven thousand other houses, so we re not holding our breath. If, however, you happen to know someone who is in the market, please forward this email. Be sure to mention the open floor plan.

Jeff Frederic

P.S. My wife is also sending you a submission. She will probably tell you that she is working at the state penitentiary. The sad truth is that she is serving three to five years for unnatural curliness, which is a crime here in Louisiana. The only bright spot in her day is the Thursday Next books that I sneak in from time to time. There is no point in awarding her the prize, as the warden will just confiscate it..."

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