Thursday Nextreme

Jeri and Nephews in Las Vegas
Jeri Summers of Nevada sends us this photo - please note that Thursday Next Extreme can be any of my books, not just the TN series. Jeri tells us:

...Please find attached a photo of my nephews, Sawyer Hannel (11), myself, Jeri Summers and Cole Hannel (13), enjoying your books on the observation deck of the Stratosphere Tower, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, roughly 1,150 feet above ground.  Behind us in the distance you may be able to spot some of the Las Vegas Strip casino hotels such as the Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Bellagio and MGM. The truly extreme aspect of this picture was not reading your wonderful books while 1,150 feet in the air, but rather trying to entertain my nephews for four days in December of 2005.  Avid readers, they were both willing to get Lost in a Good Book whenever I required a nap, so that helped.

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