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All events, podcast links and stuff like that will be logged here - as well as any updates to this site or announcements.


7th July 2020 7:30 PM: IGTV broadcast on the official Waterstone's Instagram feed.

7th July 2020 Upgrade your version of TCR V1.0 to the all new V1.1.
It's very simple to do. Just find the following lines and then, with a fineliner, make the changes. You can then download the UPGRADE STICKER and paste it into the front of your copy. (My thanks to Adrian Bleese for spotting these) Here we go:
Page 13: "an impervious to cold" should read "and impervious to cold"
Page 33: Where it says "Flemming was already there when he walked in the room." change to read: "Flemming was already there when we walked in the room."
Page 54: "and had him released him" - replace with: "and had released him".
Page 225: "our comments might have taken been out of context" unless Victor was at that point impersonating Yoda, I think it's not what you intended. NO indeed, it wasn't. Replace with: "our comments might have been taken out of context"

6th July 2020 Blog for Waterstones:Reworking of Children's Classics as allegories
3rd July 2020 ABC Radio Nightlife interview with Indira Naidoo
30th June 2020 Uploaded to Youtube:Jasper reads Section of TCR
28th June 2020 Uploaded to Youtube:Apostrophe Segue
26th June 2020 Uploaded to Youtube:Constant Rabbit Spot 1
17th June 2020 Excitement over The Constant Rabbit leads to Prismatic Division.
15th June 2020 Cadillac Eldorado added to the Locations page
15th June 2020 I have a starred Kirkus review for TCR in the States. More when I know more.
11th June 2020 I suddenly realised that I should have made a reference in the book to 'The Warren Commision'. An opportunity missed. Ah well.


Updated June 11th 2020