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Readers Nuggets:
Soft Pickwick

Version 1.2 Soft Pickwick

I am indebted to Magda who sequenced her very own V1.2 dodo (note no wings) for Halloween 2002. It wasn't without difficulties. As she says in her Fforum post:

"...I did find making the feet a tad tricky. Not because of the actual pattern, but because they are made of vinyl, which wanted to stick to the foot of my sewing machine rather than move after each stitch. The pattern advised using sewing machine oil for lubrication if one encountered that particular problem. Which would have been terribly useful advice, had I actually been in posession of any. On the advice of my mother (who fortunately has a great deal more sewing experience than I) I ended up tracing copies of the pattern pieces I was sewing onto paper, sewing the pieces with the paper on top, and then ripping it off around the stitching. A bit tedious, but effective. In any case, I'm pleased with the results..."

The dodo kit can be ordered from: aardvarktozebra.com