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Well, I'm sort of feeling a little embarrassed what with my recent creative hiatus, from which I now seem to be emerging. Rather than give dates, perhaps we'll go with the order in which they will be appearing. I think. All publications are accompanied by Events and tours, hopefully somewhere near you. Okay, This is where we are at present:

Book The First Thriller set in a world in which humans have always hibernated: Early Riser

Book The Second Dragonslayer IV, where we conclude the adventures of Jennifer Strange: Humans V Trolls

Book the Third: Meet The Rabbits Sort of "District 9" meets "Watership Down". Blatantly unsubtle allegorical novel about Rabbits moving in next door. We live in unsubtle times, and this calls for unsubtle books.

Book the Fourth/Fifth: Shades of Grey II Either a prequel that takes place before the 'Something that happened' or we'll just carry on straight after Eddie's marriage. I'm favouring the latter.

Book the Fifth/Fourth: Dark Reading Matter We are with Thursday Next again as she journeys into the unobservable Bookworld.

Updated Jan 2018