The Well of Lost Plots
The 2003 Nextian Brain Competition
These questions appeared as the 'Nextian Brain 2003 ' competition in conjunction with the UK launch of WOLP. The winner would receive a mammoth roadsign. (not a huge roadsign, but a roadsign with a mammoth on it). You can still do the quiz and compare your answers to those on the answers page.

Some of them are easy, some hard, some very hard. But there is nothing here that can't be answered with some diligent homework and a good knowledge of my books. And a couple of inspired guesses. And luck.


1: What is Mrs Bradshaw's first name?
2: What should be for eternity, not just page 27?
3: Who murdered Dora Spenlow?
4: Under which design order does Martin-Bacon produce the Eject-O-Hat?
5: Which Book does Sam Weller the Bootboy reside in?
6: If Miss Havisham drove straight on at the Jesmond, where would she end up?
7: What do Thursday's Room number at the Finis, the number of the mugged John Milton and Braxton's office number all have in common?
8: Apropos the above question: Where does the next number in the series appear?
9: Who approaches Thursday and Havisham when they enter the Jurisfiction offices prior to session 40319?
10: Who wrote Bunyan's Footscraper?
11: At the BookWorld awards, which book is represented by table eight?
12: What does Mathias' pretentious latin quote actually mean?
13: Which couple serve Apple Benedict at dinner parties?
14: What did Mycroft leave in 'The Wreck of the Hesperus'?
15: Which letter does Thursday's middle name begin with?
16: Which book is JurisTech located within? (Not Plum's regional office at Norland Park)
17: Where was Bowden's stand-up comedy night held?
18: What is Spike's girlfriend's profession?
19: What award did the 'magic roundabout' in Swindon win?
20: Where can Anton's grave be found?
21: How many chapter headings in TN2 were written by Thursday's uncle?
22: Why was Mycroft's splicence revoked?
23: What was the name of the motorway services before it was changed to 'Leigh Delamare'?
24: Why was Mycroft having problems with his overbite?
25: Which Outlander company make Dream Topping?
26: In Chronoguard parlance, What is a 'time aggregation' euphemistically reffered to as?
27: Where is the 1st reference to the Titanic? (TN2; easy)
28: Where is the 2nd reference to the Titanic? (TN3; hard)
29: Where is the 3rd reference to the Titanic? (TN3; so-so)
30: What is a World Croquet League final called?
31: Why couldn't Eeyore appear at the BookWorld awards?
32: What is the Neanderthal title of the book: 'I, Robot' ?
33: Why are bananas called bananas?
34: Where is the reference to the 60's TV show The Prisoner in TN3?
35: What is Mycroft Next's middle name?
36: On what date was the 1987 Chimera Amnesty?
37: Which parishoner of Joffy's is profoundly deaf?
38: Highlight at least one outbreak of Churchillianism in TN3
39: What car does Thursday drive when we first meet her?
40: What year did Sergeant Tozer die?
41: What excuse do the authorities usually use when a SEB escapes?
42: What is the tradename for the vacumn cleaner Spike uses to suck up the SEB?
43: Where is the John Steinbeck reference in TN3?
44: In the Bookworld, which celebrity wore a Kalvin Hobbs matching tunic and spats?
45: What do Slow-and-Solid and Stickly-Prickly become?
46: Who was Daisy Mutlar's first husband?
47: Which SpecOps department does John Smith work at?
48: What do SO-26 do?
49: Who is Emperor Zhark's teacher at Jurisfiction?
50: Which literary work does the Bellman usually reside in?

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