Viking 1st Edition
The Eyre Affair

1st US edition.

Viking 1st edition hardback with flyleaf. Cover changed slightly to the proof. No major changes from the UK version.

Rear cover features 'Thursday Next' dictionary entry. Since I can't resist tinkering, take a look at the entry under 'Thylacine'. The extinct marsupial features in The Eyre Affair and Lost in a Good Book and is variously known as a 'Tasmanian wolf', 'Taswolf' or 'Tasmanian Tiger.' One of the wonderful things about having a US edition is that I can correct all the stupid mistakes I made in the UK edition. For a list of inexactitudes which are now corrected, click on my 'Upgrade Page' HERE.

Other small changes: The game referred to as 'Pelota' in the UK edition (a sort of violent hand-hockey-lacrosse game played in the Basque country, I believe) is now croquet which fits in a lot better with Thursday's world. The 'Swindon Whackers' croquet team are mentioned in TN-2 and featured in TN-3. I see Nextian croquet as a sort of mix between lawn croquet, American Football and Rollerball, full of yard lines, strategies, armour, cheerleaders, steel hoops, mallets and natural hazards in the playing field such as rhododendron bushes and gazebos. The referee would be a vicar and the linesmen maiden aunts and retired majors. Preeminent in the video of the 'The greatest Croquet moments ever' is Alf Widdershaine's astounding pegging out from the 60 yard line in the final few minutes of Superhoop '79.

1st edition print run: 36,000. 2nd edition print run: 7,594

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