Russian language hardback copy of
The Eyre Affair

Russian Eyre Affair

Published by Eskmo, Moscow 2005. This edition wins the prize for the strangest cover design, with a rubber-clad Thursday Next, bearing a spooky resemblance to Keira Knightly. A reader emailed me to say that the artwork had been seen on the cover of a totally different book in Russia.

ISBN 5-699-10113-6

++ Added 15th March 2009, from Vlad and Nat, who are experts at being Russian and had this to say about the translations:

"...Dear Jasper,

Actually, your Russian publisher does do very well. "Eksmo" is a monster. They could afford to publish FForde (no pun intended) even if there were no nextians in Russia at all. Fortunately, the Russian fans are there and their voices could be heard on the Russian speaking part of the Net.

One of the reasons for that is the excellent translation of TEA made by Irina Andronati, who is also a very good editor and not bad sci-fi writer herself.

LIAGB and WOLP were translated by the two other ladies which allowed some minor overlooks and slips, but still did very well considering the whole variety of reasons.

So you don't have to worry about the quality of Russian translations as such.

Thanks to the Communists who didn't allow translation of the modern English authors behind the Iron Curtain, but did cultivate a lot of classical English literature. You can't imagine the popularity of Jane Eyre and almost all of Jane Austen in Russia and CIS. Well, half of the latter should be credited to Colin Firth, of course..."

Vlad & Nat

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