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Canadian Dragonslayer Competition

Was open to: Canadians only

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Canadian Copy of TN2

Canadian DS1 cover, similar to the UK cover.

Published in Canada on the 25th October, The Last Dragonslayer. You can order it at Amazon.ca or Chapters.ca or a bookshop of your own choice. The independents need our support.

I had six copies to give away, and for this I thought I would ask all you lovely Canadians out there to send me a picture of one of my previous books (or DS1, if you like) in a typically Canadian setting, or with a strong Canadian flavour.

Extra marks were be granted for originality, wit and flair - especially wit. I know for a fact that Candians have an bizarre sense of humour.

AND NOW... the winning submissions.


Submission to Canadian picture competition

Enclosed is a picture of Canadiana for you. I am sad to report that the most Canadian thing in the picture is my daughter, Naomi. I'm an ex-pat living in England, and despite being born here just a few weeks ago, Naomi does not get to be British.

Her grandma (also Canadian) recently came for a visit and brought stuff from home, so I've surrounded Nom with ketchup chips (a favourite Canadian flavour!) and a little ball and some pencils with the flag on them. The maple leaf came from Grandma's garden - she always brings me a leaf - and so does the quilt Nom is laying on.

The maple syrup was bought here, but the label says it came all the way from home. The cheddar is one of our very favourite English things, since it is made in Ontario from Ontario milk, but is illegal in Ontario because the milk is unpasturised. I'm amused every time we buy it, since it's Canadian but can only be bought in England. It seems like a very Canadian bit of bureaucratic nonsense mixed with opportunism. I love my country.

Burlington, ON


Submission to Canadian picture competition

And even if this wasn't a competition entry, it still wins a book:

Mission Successful:

The Tillsonburg Library in Ontario, Canada is still safely in the good care of the Cheshire Cat. Though the librarian was stumped with the character name, she quickly knew the name of the wonderful author Jasper Fforde!

(so I got a little chocolate bar and a coupon for a small fries). AND...she has promised to read all your books! Oh NO....I didn't notice the Katie Fforde book!!!! Can that be cropped out? Honestly, this was so much fun to do, so even though it got messed up, it was worth it!

B. J. Price, Tillsonburg, ON


Submission to Canadian picture competition

Hi Mr Fforde!

One thing that is truly very Canadian is Tim Hortons. We have them everywhere. They are like Starbucks in the US, if only because you will find one of these on almost every corner in big cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Most cities and towns, not matter how small, have one or two. We have 8 alone in the city of Abbotsford, where I live. But as Canadians we are constantly reminded of the looming presence of your neighbors to the south, as they subtly invade with things like Starbucks Coffee (which you can see lurking across the street in the picture).

So, The Eyre Affair and Shades of Grey are helping Tim Hortons with some free advertising, even though they would rather be across the street, because Starbucks has way better coffee. Which we will apologize for admitting because we are Canadian, and if it's one thing we do well, it's apologizing.

Janelle de Jager, BC


Submission to Canadian picture competition

In Northern Canada, one builds an inukshuk out of stones and rocks either to point the right way or to let it be known that 'someone was here'. The Inukshuk in the photo does both by showing the way to some much-enjoyed good reads.

I didn't have enough Jasper Fforde books to complete the Inukshuk (hint, hint) so I amplified the Canadiana by including some of our favourite Canadian authors: Guy Gavriel Kay, Jack Whyte (ex-pat), Kenneth Oppel, Douglas Coupland and Gordon Korman. It is autumn right now (we Canadians also call it 'fall'), and some red maple leaves happened to blow in the door and fall neatly at the foot of our Ffordian Inukshuk.

Iain Mainprize, Ontario.

JF: Now we're getting imaginative. I am also especially drawn to the fact that Iain, to save my feelings, placed those non Fforde books spine in...two more giveaway books to go!


Submission to Canadian picture competition

My name is Aliesha Timms Wilson of Squamish, BC Canada. I have all of your books, though most of them are on loan to friends right now. I would like to explain my photo to you.

This beautiful labrador retriever is a Canadian dog (the breed in general).
The shirt I am wearing is for my favourite Hockey team the Vancouver Canucks.
The jacket is my Team Canada Roots coat. I am also wearing my olympic mittens and a Royal Canadian Air Force toque.
I have a Tim Horton's cup and a coke bottle from the olympics.
In one hand I have a walrus tusk I brought home from a trip to Nunavut (the Canadian Arctic).
I have 3 of your books in this picture. As you can see the One of Our Thursday's is Missing is the British edition. My friend picked it up for me as I didn't want to wait for it to come to Canada.
I also have the movies for "Anne of Green Gables" which is very Canadian. I didn't think I had room for all the books and thought the movies would fit better.
In the background you can see part of the officer's mess kit uniform from the Lord Strathcona Horse Royal Canadian Regiment.
Last but not least I have the hockey stick.



JF: Aliesha is most defifnitly the third winner - three more to go!


Submission to Canadian picture competition

This photo was taken in Cartagena, Colombia. Canadians like to show that they are Canadian, especially when they travel, but the United States is always lurking in the background, even if only in flag form.

Please note the strong complement of the author's books (other titles on Kindle) aboard. We have lived on Papillon for a year now, and despite space constraints and a healthy turnover of books, the Fforde titles remain untraded.

Amy Schaefer, Hamilton, ON

JF: Definitly a winner! If you want to see what the crew members of Papillon are doing when they are not reading my books, they have a blogspot:

Pappilon Blogspot


Submission to Canadian picture competition

Some of my favourite things, Canadian and Fforde.

Elvina of Etobicoke, Ontario

JF: So the first free book goes to Elvina, who was the first (but not only) person who took the 'Flavour' idea literally. I was expecting Maple Syrup to be a feature in some of the pictures, but not the first four - all of which look pretty much the same as this one. From this small sample of culinary tastes, I can deduce that 75% of Canadians prefer to buy their maple syrup in one litre plastic bottles.


The prize is a signed copy of the Canadian edition of 'The Last Dragonslayer' . There are no runner-up prizes unless I decide there are.

The entries may be selected to be viewed on my website, and it is a condition of entry that you are happy for this to be done.

Competition is open to all Canadians everywhere.

All entries as JPEGs, please, and not too large.

No emails will be harvested by me or my publishers.

It is a condition of entry that this is all for fun and not at all serious.

This is a promotion by Jasper Fforde and is not connected to Harpercollins Canada, except that they are donating the prizes.

Winners will be announced as the winning entries arrive.

Judges (me) decision is final.