Ended August 30th 2011

The New German Paperback Covers Competition

Open to those who read my books in German

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The new German paperback designs for Thursday Next

This is the recover of the German editions of the Thursday Next series, books 1 to 4. I have a spare set to give away.

The competition was very simple to do, and the prize utterly worthless: A complete set of paperback DTV Thursday Books, 1-4, which are stamped with my 'First Signed' stamp, and signed - to you, if you want, or to 'lucky ebay winner' or whatever you want. There are no runner-up prizes.

To have a German flavour to the competition, I thought you could send me a photograph of something that is both German, and to do with the Thursday Next books - a Dodo in Berlin zoo would be good, if there are any dodos left. Which there aren't. Unless you know better..

And here were the highlights:

Neanderthal Valley views

Straight from the Neander Valley, an entry from Viele Grüße from Düsseldorf, who says:

"...I hope you will like this foto of a Neanderthal in Neandertal. (The inscription on the rock says: "In memory of the discovery of Neanderthal man by professor Fulrott in summer 1856.")..."

German cheese

..and on the cheese front, this brightly coloured cheese from Leif, who explains thus:

"...Cheese, which avoids falling into in the classic definition of Cheese due its red color and thus bypasses the overpriced Cheesetaxes. The SO23 is currently trying to find a better Definition for Cheese. The red color of that cheese is created by adding red Pesto...."

Leif goes on to say:

"....And second, I wanted to ask, if you new book "Shades of Grey" will be translated in german? 'cause of your liking of creating new words its quite hard for me reading one of your books in english. (=

Well Leif, 'Shades of Grey' has indeed been translated into German - get thee to a bookery.

A mime field

Menwhile in Berlin, we have driven straight into a mimefield. Lydia, Sarah and Juliana tell me:

Dear Judges (Mr. Fforde),

The competition asks for a creative way of combining German culture and the Thursday Next novels in a picture. In the beginning our imagination was running wild, providing all kinds of crazy ideas. But sadly we soon came to the conclusion that most of them couldn't be realized. To get some further (and more doable) inspiration we went to a bookshop and skimmed through city guides for Berlin, hoping to find the town's most famous landmark.

There we also found your newest novel on display. Unfortunately, we still have to wait for the German translation, but we simply couldn't resist taking a closer look at the English version. Almost immediately after we got the first glimpse of the cover and some of the pictures inside, Sarah was reminded of the East Side Gallery and the famous "Trabi", crashing through the wall. The rest of us simply liked the striped clothes of the pantomimes.

So we combined all of this and one day later we found ourselves: positioned in front of that very wall, wearing striped shirts. Photography combined with reality, history combined with literature and black combined with blue. We hope you like it.
Best wishes,

Lydia, Sarah and Juliana.

(Lydia is in the stripes, Photographer and Creative Director was Juliana and Location Scout and co-creative Director was Sarah)

German cheese

..but over in Hamburg, Jens Kleinemeyer and Bernd Düsterbeck sent me this. They explained:

Dear Jasper Fforde,

When a few days ago, we strolled down the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, we were very much surprised to see a new generation of entertainment machines - so called Viel-Sprech-Automaten. We took a photo immediately and send it to you as our contribution to your competition.

Looking forward to the next books

Using my Google translate I think that Viel-Sprech-Automaten means 'A lot of talk machine' which this bunch could certainly do - some better than others, and one in particular with catastrophic results.

And the winner is ... the Mime field. No surprises there. With a flair for the inventive, Lydia, Sarah and Juliana run off with the valuable prize, and a problem on how to share it as four books into three people doesn't go. Not yet, anyway.

My thanks to everyone who took part, and the many people who thought of taking part but then didn't because of a funeral, or childbirth, or something.

Jasper Fforde, Sept 2011

If you are still German and would like to win a copy of Grau, the German translation of 'Shades of Grey', then go to my insanely stupid and utterly pointless Take a picture of yourself with something grey competition.

If you want to know more this edition, and all my German DTV publications, please go to the DTV Jasper Fforde Website.


The prize: A complete set of paperback DTV Thursday Books, 1-4, which are stamped with my 'First Signed' stamp, and signed - to you, if you want, or to 'lucky ebay winner' or whatever you want. There are no runner-up prizes unless I decide there are.

The German/TN fusion picture devices may be selected to be viewed on my website, and it is a condition of entry that you are happy for this to be done.

Competition is open to all German readers, either in Germany or Austria, or living elsewhere but reading my books in German.

All entries emailed JPEGS, please.

No emails will be harvested by me or my publishers.

This competition is run by me in gratitude to all my German readers, and is not a DTV promotion.

Winner will be announced on the 1st September 2011.

Judges (me) decision is final.

German Translation of Competition and Rules:

(My Thanks to Sophia Crüwell for sending this in. Needless to say, the English rules remain the definitive rules, and this translation should only be used as a guide.)

Der aktuelle Wettbewerb - Ende: 30. August 2011

The New German Paperback Covers Competition

Mitmachen kann, wer meine Bücher in Deutsch liest.

Besuche meine Competition Page für andere Wettbewerbe.

Die neuen Designs für die deutschen Thursday Next Taschenbücher

Das sind die neuen Cover für die deutschen Ausgaben der ersten vier Bücher der Thursday Next Reihe. Ich habe ein Set zum Weitergeben übrig.

Es ist sehr einfach am Wettbewerb teilzunehmen und der Preis ist unglaublich wertlos: Ein komplettes Set der Taschenbuchversionen der im DTV erschienenen Thursday Next Reihe, das mit meinem 'First Signed' Stempel gestempelt und von mir für dich, den 'glücklichen Ebay Gewinner' oder sonstwen unterschrieben ist. Es gibt keinen zweiten oder dritten Platz.

Um dem Wettbewerb einen deutschen Charakter zu geben, habe ich mir überlegt, dass ihr mir ein Photo von etwas schicken schicken könntet, das gleichzeitig etwas mit Deutschland und der Thursday Next Reihe zu tun hat - ein Dodo im Berliner Zoo wäre gut, sollten dort noch Dodos sein. Was nicht so ist. Oder wisst ihr mehr?

Wie immer gibt es Punkte für Originalität, Witz und Flair.

Der Wettbewerb endet am letzten Tag des Monats August 2011.

Viel Glück!

Wenn Du mehr über diese Ausgabe und alle meine deutschen Veröffentlichungen im DTV wissen möchtest, besuche die DTV Jasper Fforde Website.