Competition Closed Feb 14th 2012

One of Our Thursdays is Missing USA paperback
'Spot the Dog'

Open to: USA Viking/Penguin territories only

To learn the winners of this competition, please go to the 'Spot the Dog' Competition Winners

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One of Our Thursdays is Missing UK edition

Mrs Fforde with (or without) our new dog, Ozzy.

Competition Closed Feb 14th 2012

To learn the winners of this competition, please go to the 'Spot the Dog' Competition Winners

This was how the competition went:

The USA paperback edition of One of our Thursdays is missing is published on the 30th January 2012. It behoves upon me by long tradition to offer you links as to where it can be found: You could try Amazon or Barnes and Noble (Nook edition also) or even the Kindle edition.

Alternatively, you could nip down to your local independent bookstore. Or borrow if from a friend. Or the library.

Okay, I have twelve copies to give away, all of which will be numbered and signed with my FG-257 'Limited Edition First Signed' and dedicated to whoever or whatever you want, along with a couple of postcards.

The EXTRA SPECIAL first winner gets the TNU144 'First Signed ' stamp, as it will be the first USA Paperback of TN6 I have ever signed.

You can find out more about my bookstamps by clicking HERE

How do I play?

It's simple. To celebrate our new dog, Ozzy - a sort of Poodle/Spaniel cross - we thought we would include him.

There used to be a famous competition in the UK (perhaps in the USA, too, I don't know) called 'Spot the Ball' where a still from a football game is published only with the ball removed, and you have to figure out where the ball might be.

This competition is exactly the same only with a dog, not a ball.

So, study the picture above which has had the dog carefully removed using my fantastic and awe-inspiring Photoshop skills. Then, using your skill and judgement, decide where you think Ozzy's small black nose might be, then send an email to me at jasper (at) jasperfforde.com with the subject line 'Ozzy' and your name and the coordinates you have chosen. Simple. Any questions?

What's a Coordinate?

I was getting to that. Using the scales to the bottom and left (Rows first and the Columns second) write down the position where you think Ozzy might be. If, for instance, you think Ozzy was sitting on Mari's head, you would write to me:

Dear Jasper, I think Ozzy's nose is situated on or near 7/9, Yours, Howard J. Katzenburg, Illinois.

Or, if you want to be super accurate, you could subdivide the coordinates, like this:

Dear Jasper, I think Ozzy's nose is situated on or near 7.13/9.20, Yours, Howard J. Katzenburg, Illinois.

Then what?

Then nothing. The closest co-ordinates to Ozzy's nose will win the prizes.

Does my name have to be Howard J. Katzenburg, and do I have to live in Illinois?


Do you think it's funny to mock American names?

Not at all. I come from a country where we call each other Tarquin Binkleton-Threepwhistle ... or Jasper Fforde.

Do you have a bigger picture I can look at or use as a desktop?

Yes. You can download it Here: Larger Picture

These Are The Rules

1st Prize is a the First Signed Penguin Paperback copy of 'One of Our Thursdays is Missing' . The rest will be signed and numbered as 'Limited Edition Signed' which might raise their vallue at least 8.2% above worthless.

You do not need to buy a book to enter. You do not need to be human to enter. Competition is open to all sentient life forms, anywhere in the galaxy. You do not need to pay any money to see who has won, nor to receive your prize.

Your entry and comments may be selected to be viewed on my website, and it is a condition of entry that you are happy for this to be done. All minors are only ever referred to by their first name.

The 'First Signed' pb of TN6 (USA) will be for the person who guesses closest to Ozzy's nose. The remaining 11 copies will be signed and numbered 2-12 and stamped: 'Limited Edition'. They can be dedicated to person or persons of your choice.

Competition is open to everyone in Penguin (USA) territories.

No emails will be harvested by me or my publishers.

This competition is run by me, and is not a Penguin promotion.

Winners will be announced as soon after the end of Feb 14th 2012 as I can.

The competition organizer (me) reserves the right to bend or change the rules however I see fit if I think it will make the competition better or more fun. This is all for a bit of a laugh, and it is an express understanding of all competition entrants that you understand this is simply for fun, and in gratitude to my many US readers.

Judges (me) decision is final.