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One of Our Thursdays is Missing paperback balancing on head competition

Open to: Hodder territories only

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One of Our Thursdays is Missing UK edition

The cover of the all-new Thursday Next adventure

This is the paperback edition of One of our Thursdays is missing and I had ten copies to give away, all of which were signed with my FG-257 'Limited Edition First Signed' bookstamp and dedicated to whoever or whatever you want, along with a couple of postcards.

All you had to do was to read the rules and then photograph yourself with one or more of my paperbacks balanced on your head and send it to me.

It was that simple. First to send a picture, first to get a book.

Competition ended when I'd given away all ten books. My thanks to everyone who sent in a picture, winner or not! What I found interesting about this was that I thought I wouldn't advertise it on Twitter so those who often frequented my site got first dibs. As it turned out, I had my first entry an hour after announcing it, and all ten in three days.

The Tenth Winner is Rebecca Thorne:

Submission to book balancing competition

"...Here is a quick pic of my balancing skills! Hope it is to your liking. .."

The Ninth Winner is Grainne O'Dowd:

Submission to book balancing competition

"...Apologies for the lack of attatchment-I'm going to put it down to all the blood rushing to my head during the aforementioned failed acrobatics! Better luck this time I hope,.."

The Eighth Winner is Paul Russell:

Submission to book balancing competition

"...Me with Lost in a Good Book! (Sent from my iPhone).."

The Seventh Winner is Ann Howard:

Submission to book balancing competition

"...Thought I would give it another go. Two is not too bad but all 5 Too much!.."

The Sixth Winner is Joe B:

Submission to book balancing competition

"...My Dad made me do this!
PS: Quark!.."

The Fifth Winner is John Hickman:

Submission to book balancing competition

"...What with me being a sucker for a freebie, attached is a photo with one of your books balancing on my head. I trust you'll notice that there's a load more Ffordiana in the background (and one or two other scribblers as well, but we won't mention them). I would have tried to balance them all, but it would have got distinctly messy - perhaps I'll try after a beer or two......"

11th January 2012

The Fourth Winner is Joanna Munro:

Submission to book balancing competition

"...Find attached my entry.  Balancing more difficult than it sounds as my lovebird had attempted to eat its cover.. wonder if it smelt my hidden supply of illegally imported cheese....."

11th January 2012

The Third Winner is Amy Walpole:

Submission to book balancing competition

"...West Wales book balancer eagerly awaiting SOG 2 and 3, but loving Jennifer strange and Thursday too in Pontyberem.
p.s. please judge thursday nextreme 2010 - the suspense is killing me!..."

10th January 2012

The Second Winner is Martin Stockdale:

Submission to book balancing competition

"..Very awkward with a real camera rather than a phone
so you can't see where it's pointing!.."

10th January 2012

The First Winner is Sophie Hartl:

Submission to book balancing competition

"..I've only recently given a passionate speech using Emperor Zarks "Dear unworthy peons..." line at Kronburg castle (Elsinor) in Denmark but unfortunately nobody except for a few crows were listening!.."

10th January 2012

These Are The Rules

Prize is a Hodder Paperback copy of One of Our Thursdays is Missing, and signed - to you, if you want. There are no runner-up prizes unless I decide there are.

IMPORTANT: Applicants are personally responsible for any damage to themselves, others or property while balancing YOUR books on YOUR head. YOU are a responsible person, and it is up to YOU to decide whether you can safely undertake this venture without any problems. If you are for any reason unable to balance books on your own head, a second party may assist and this entry will be acceptable - but with the same caveat as regards personal responsibility.

Your picture may be selected to be viewed on my website, and it is a condition of entry that you are happy for this to be done.

The 'First Signed' pb of TN6 has already been given away. These are numbered Limited Editions.

Competition is open to everyone in Hodder (UK) territories.

All entries emailed JPEGS, please.

No emails will be harvested by me or my publishers.

This competition is run by me, and is not a Hodder promotion.

Winners will be announced as soon as I have some.

The competition organiser reserves the right to bend or change the rules however I see fit if I think it will make the competition better or more fun.

... and add ror ammend rules after the competition has begun. Like now.

Or now.

Judges (me) decision is final.