April 2014 - Comp to win a trade paperback of The Eye of Zoltar

Dragon Selfie

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Harpercollins Canada Readers (Still open)

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Zoltar cover UK

The cover of the UK edition of Eye of Zoltar

I have TEN (stop press, 15) trade paperback copies of The Eye of Zoltar to give away, and each will be signed, numbered, and complete with two giveaway postcards designed especially for me by Roger Mason. This is for the Hodder territories only, so is pretty much everywhere except the USA - you will have your own competition later in the year.

The rules are very simple. You have to take a picture of yourself, with a dragon. Any dragon, doesn't matter which one, or where. Extra points marked for especial quirkiness.

++++STOP PRESS++ Five Canadian copies also now to be given away! (Use Subject line: DRAGONCOMPCANADA)
Send the picture to jasper(at)jasperfforde.com with the subject line DRAGONCOMP (under 500K, please or thereabouts) and all entries will be considered.

If your image is fantastic enough to be posted up here, you have a book. Simple, really. Rules are below.

The time limit is really how long it takes me to gather together ten people to send in some really good pictures.

Good Luck and happy dragon hunting!

I am bowled over not by the number of people who were wiling to enter the competition, but by the quality and imagination of the entries.

I have upped the the list to FIFTEEN giveaway copies due to the huge response, and if you are in CANADA I am adding another five Canadian copies for any Canadian entries - Zoltar is out there, too! So let's see some serious Winged beasts from the wilds of BC. Or Winniepeg. Toronto Y'know.

Here we are so far:

April 28th 2014: Winner Canada#3: Rob

"Looking very stern at the little ol' blue!" - from Rob in Canada.

Dragon Selfie Winner

April 21st 2014: Winner Canada#2: Amy:

"In the photo attached, my daughter's dragon, Toothless, reacts to a claim in the World News Daily Report that Cardenio has (once again) been found.  I am happy to say that the dragon did not burn a hole in my computer screen.

Dragon Selfie Winner

April 24th 2014: Winner #16: Jill: Enough to curdle the blood and have one heading for the hills. (The acting, not the dragon)

Dragon Selfie Winner

April 24th 2014: Winner #15: Emma tells it like it is:

"Please find attached my photo of me (and a few friends) commemorating our victorious battle with the local lizard for St George's Day! (I'm in the front row far right!)"

Dragon Selfie Winner

April 24th 2014: Winner #14: Steve explains:

"All the family were walking through Sydenham Hill Woods when much to my surprise we saw this incredible sight of a nesting pair of dragons protecting their golden egg ! As much as I implored my son not to go near he couldn't resist the allure of the dragon infant !

My son will be out of the hospital shortly with only slight damage to his arm and eye..."

Dragon Selfie Winner

April 18th 2014: Winner #13: Amanda illustrates how illustrators illustrate.
(And do selfies)

Dragon Selfie Winner

April 18th 2014: Winner #12: Alison: 'Here is my picture of my dragon nails complete with a photobombing lobster. Unfortunately my model had got fed up of sitting still and flew away before I could take a picture for comparison.'

Dragon Selfie Winner

April 21st 2014: Winner #11: Miss McEvoy and a seasonal easter bunny/dragon mix up.

Dragon Selfie Winner

April 21st 2014: Winner Canada#1: Kelsey: 'I do what I must for my country.'

Dragon Selfie Winner

April 18th 2014: Winner #10: Laura - not to be trifled with when she is near any cooking implements..

Dragon Selfie Winner

April 18th 2014: Winner #9: Charlotte reveals the dragon within.

Dragon Selfie Winner

April 18th 2014: Winner #8: Mike decides that mind-numbingly frightening though this dragon is, what it really need is some fire, here added with a laser pen.

Dragon Selfie Winner

April 17th 2014: Winner #7: Martyn demonstrates that dragons are still alive and well in Wales, as we always suspected.

Dragon Selfie Winner

April 17th 2014: Winner #6: Alice demonstrates that while fond of dragons, she is not one to enter a dragon-filled room without taking precautions..

Dragon Selfie Winner

April 17th 2014: Winner #5: Elke, all the way from Australia, and a very pleasing watercolour of a dragon - Selfie with style and grace!

Dragon Selfie Winner

April 17th 2014: Winner #4: Awesome dragon from Mareike, well executed. (The picture, not the dragon.)

Dragon Selfie Winner

April 17th 2014: Winner #3: Stephanie wins with Aaron and Charlie being completly unafraid of dragons, in this unique two pronged attack to the competition.

Dragon Selfie Winner

Dragon Selfie Winner

April 17th 2014: Winner #2: Sophie actually has a dragon named Rikki, and any similarity to a dog are entirely coincidental.

Dragon Selfie Winner

April 16th 2014: Winner #1: Straight out of the gate: Amanda and friend.

Dragon Selfie Winner


The prize is a signed and numbered trade paperback copy of 'The Eye Of Zoltar', with a set of promotional postcards by the very Brilliant Roger Mason. There are no runner-up prizes unless I decide there are.

You do not have to pay any money to anyone to enter, nor pay to receive the book, nor pay to see who has won. The books were given to me as part of a contractural obligation, and have no value.

The entries may be selected to be viewed on my website or my feed at twitter or Instagram, and it is a condition of entry that you are happy for this to be done.

Any pictures that depict jeopardy or danger or in my view have been taken irresponsibly will be barred, even if they are really good.

Competition is open to anyone in the Hodder UK territories sales territories

No emails will be harvested by me or my publishers, and due to the huge volume of entries (yeah, right) I may not be able to reply to each and every one.

It is a condition of entry that this is all for fun and not at all serious, that my judgement is final, and that I am allowed to change the rules, end the competition or do anything at all, in fact.

The winning entries will be displayed on this page as they come in, and once all ten have been selected and displayed, the competition will end.

Judges (me) decision is final.