Last updated: 30th April 2014

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Post-boxes closed for nesting birds - not that rare down our way!

Hello. I try to answer emails, but when things get busy (like writing a book) I may not be able to answer at all.

But just because I can't reply to every email doesn't mean I don't appreciate input. Much of my site relies on your contributions, so if you have any comments on the subjects below or anything else, then drop me a line. I just can't promise a reply anymore. Sorry.

There are, however, certain emails that can easily be answered by consulting my
frequently asked questions page

Failing that, you might like to look things up in my shitload of questions page, or even the

Because I am frequently emailed by people asking questions that are already on my FAQ page, my contact details can be found at the bottom of the frequently asked questions page. Have a read there first.

Remember to write the correct subject line, and ensure your server will accept my email in return. I won't do 'identification protocol' and if it bounces for any reason, I won't resend.