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This is a list of all my movie credits over the years. They are all main unit 'A' camera unless otherwise stated. I 'guested' (days here and there on other films) on many others, most notably 'Eyes Wide Shut' for a week and least notably 'Leprachauns' (overheard on the dining bus before filming of the Fairies V Leprachauns battle: "Okay, stunt leprachauns will need their ears ON this morning...")

I also worked on over 500 commercials from Levis to Vauxhall to COI to Toilet Duck, in such locations as: Canada, USA, Mexico, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Kenya, Morocco, Scotland, South Africa, Namibia, Malaysia, Thailand, Wales, Vietnam, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Portugal, Swindon, Finland & Russia. And what fun it all was...

As Cameraman:
  2000 Greenwich Film Festival 60 Second Ident Dir: Tom Tyrwhitt
  1999 "Tip of My Tongue" 17 min 35mm Drama Dir: Tom Tyrwhitt
  1999 "....engaged" 14 min 35mm Drama Dir: Eric Deacon
  1999 "Pic'n'mix" 10 min S-16mm Drama Dir: Sara Jordan
  1998 "A Little Faith" (2nd Unit) 20 min 35mm Drama Dir: Tom Tyrwhitt
  1998 "Lift" 20 min 35mm Drama Dir: Ina Luder
  1997 "Passengers" 20 min 35mm Drama Dir: Matt Kok
  1995 "Underdogs" 20 min 16mm Drama Dir: Sam Jones
  1986 "The Umbrella" 30 min 16mm Drama Dir: E. Thomsen

As Focus Puller:
  1999 "Quills" Dir: Phil Kaufman Cam: Rogier Stoffers.
  1999 "Rules of Engagement" (Morocco Unit) Dir: William Friedkin Cam: Darius Woyski
  1998 "Entrapment" Dir: Jon Amiel Cam: Phil Meheux
  1997 "The Mask of Zorro" Dir: Martin Campbell Cam: Phil Meheux.
  1996 "The Saint" Dir: Phillip Noyce Cam: Phil Meheux
  1995 "Is Mr Death in?" Dir: Damien Hirst Cam: John Metcalfe
  1995 "Trojan Eddie" (B camera) Dir: Gillis McKinnon Cam: John De Borman
  1995 "Goldeneye" Dir: Martin Campbell Cam: Phil Meheux
  1993 "Death Machine" Dir: Steve Norrington Cam: John De Borman
  1992 "The Trial" Dir: David Jones Cam: Phil Meheux
  1990 "Highlander 2" Dir: Russell Mulcahy Cam: Phil Meheux
  1988 "Killing Dad" Dir: Michael Austin Cam: Gabriel Berestain
  1987 "Troubles" Dir: Chris Morahan Cam: Gabriel Berestain

As Clapper Loader:
  1986 "Neat and Tidy" Dir: Marcus Thompson Cam: John Metcalfe
  1985 "On the Black Hill" Dir: Andrew Grieve Cam: Thaddeus O'Sullivan
  1984 "April Fools Day" Dir: Peter Mackenzie Cam: Alan Pudney
  1983 "Don't Open until Christmas" Dir: Edmund Purdom Cam: Alan Pudney
  1983 "Secret Places" (trainee) Dir: Zelda Barron Cam: Peter McDonald

As Runner:
  1982 "The Champions" Dir: John Irving Cam: Ronnie Taylor
  1982 "The Ploughman's Lunch" Dir: Richard Eyre Cam: Clive Tickner
  1982 "The Honorary Consul" Dir: John Mackenzie Cam: Phil Meheux
  1981 "The Sender" Dir: Roger Christians Cam: Roger Pratt
  1981 "Pirates of Penzance" Dir: Wilford Leach Cam: Dougie Slocombe