Spot the Deliberate Mistake Competition

NOTE: This competition is now over - it was for the US launch of TN3 in March 2004. You can still try and spot the deliberate mistake - and the many non-deliberate ones, too, but there are no more prizes to be had. The answers can be found HERE but no peeking until you've at least had a go.

Welcome to the 'spot the deliberate mistake' competition, run in conjunction with the USA Well of Lost Plots release on February 23rd, 2004. UK readers had their own competition, so I'd ask any of our UK-and-commonwealth brethren not to join in with this one. (And no broad-hint spoilers on the forum, neither. Trangressors will incur the wrath of the all powerful Great Panjandrum)

What do I do? It's simple. At the bottom of this page you will find a picture of Mabel, my mother's dalmation. Due to an experimental brain-inflating technology undertaken by Mycroft Next, Mabel now has an IQ of 157 and likes to play Scrabble.

Yes, but what do I do? I'm getting to that. Of all the non-deliberate mistakes, you have to decide which one is the GENUINE deliberate mistake. When you think you have spotted it, send an email to me at "jasper (at) jasperfforde.com" with the subject line 'dalmation', giving your name and address and what you think the deliberate mistake is.

What do I win? The first three correct answers drawn randomly out of Mabel's dog basket after March 31st will all win a signed US copy of the The Well of Lost Plots along with two Nextian T-shirts of your choice and a set of the four signed USA TN-3 publication postcards.

Any hints? No. except that 'Grrrr' is an acceptable word if you are playing with Mabel. She might have an IQ of 157, but she is still a dog. Well, girl-dog actually.

Are there any rules? Usual rules apply. This competition is purely good-natured silly fun, and anyone entering does so on that express understanding. Judges (me) decision is final. Winners and answer will be announced as soon after the competition as I can. Winners will be notified by email.

I'll be touring the US extensively for the release of this book; do please see my Appearances page to see where you can have your copies signed, and if you so wish, listen to me rabbit on for a bit and answer a few questions. May the spot be with you.

Picture of a dalmation playing scrabble.