Nextreme 2008


Blooey in trouble...

Last photo taken of Jurisfiction Agent Blooey Singson, kicking back with "The Well of Lost Plots" before Mastodon Mission in A Journey to the Centre of the Earth

(Agent's message via Footnoterphone)

1-Agent Blooey Singson reporting from the Centre of the Earth. Mastodon stampede effectively curtailed...

2-No worries, am well outside the main plot, as madcap Lindenbrock fellow and nephew Axel seem too preoccupied with giant mushrooms, mastodons and 12-foot prehistoric human.

3-Requesting for back up! TravelBook masticated by an indignant ichthyosaur.

4-SOS! Impending eruption via Stromboli..... Aieeeeee.........

*Signal interrupted*

Agent's whereabouts currently unknown, although there is a reported sighting on the header of a book blog, http://sumthinblue.com

Submitted: 20th October 02009

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