Nextreme 2008

Agent J

Agent J in action...

Of special interest to John Smith- Domestic Horticulture Enforcement Agency Weeds and Seeds: a missive from your US counterpart, Agent J of Special Forces Annuals and Perennials.

Photographed in an undisclosed city in the State of Arkansas, I am reading about the similarity of our cases as yours is mentioned in LOST IN A GOOD BOOK. Here I am rising in the early morning hours from an overnight stakeout of ornamental grasses under our protection. It seems residents are up in arms because city planners took the word park at their preferred meaning and cut down trees, planting lampposts in their place to light areas where you can sit in your car and enjoy being outside. I must admit, I can sympathize with the Pampas hackers cause, but I would rather see the grass safe than have a snack machine rooted in its place. I am hoping that my diligence will be noted by superiors and I will be promoted to a division more dear to my heart- Deciduous Shrubs and Trees. There I hope to stem the insidious over pruning of Crape Myrtle trees.

Agent J

Submitted: 15th November 02009

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