Nextreme 2008


Those crazy women reading...

Secretly photographed in Gainesville, Florida on the University of Florida campus, home of the Gators. We live and work in a dangerous city filled with gators that run wild in the streets, play in a football arena called the Swamp, climb on humans in the form of wearing apparel, and ride on every car on the road, not to mention the people who bleed orange and blue from gator bites. Jasper, it's a scary place, but, oddly, we love it here. It has made some of us slightly bonkers though, and several of us have banded together for safety's sake and formed a book club named the Crazy Women Who Read.

It was during one of our clandestine meetings (I believe it was a dark and stormy night) when we met and decided to read your books. We were not disappointed; in fact, we hit pay dirt. Clearly you are just as crazy as we are, and we have been Thursday Next followers ever since. The Thursday Nextreme Trophy would have a good home here, and we promise to share it equally between us, although a couple members may try to hoard it for longer than the allotted time. We'll deal with them when the time comes, perhaps by reading them into the dry cleaning receipt from 1973 found in an accountant's coat pocket the last time he put it on ...CWWR

Members from left to right

Kat McDonald
Audrey Geoffroy
Kim Harris
Nancy Guttman
Cindy Belknap
Anna Harper

Submitted: 8th December 02009

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