Nextreme 2008


In the heat of the moment

Dear Jasper

Here is a photo of me with my copy of 'The Well of Lost Plots' which I was re-reading during my holiday this year. As you can probably tell from the t-shirt and sun hat this was taken a few months ago. What is less obvious from my t-shirt and sun hat is that this ancient city of Pompeii. It was a very hot day in the middle of August, luggage had been lost and we had been wondering around the city for hours. Suddenly we came into an opening, and seeing an opportunity I broke away from the rest of the tour group to sit down, relax and enjoy a read of your book upon one of the many pillars that were dotted around the place. I could see no one else doing this, which I found odd as the pillars were very comfortable but disregarding this, I continued reading and trusted my own sense of direction to catch up with the group later on. As I said at the start, this photo was taken a few months ago but having made it back home, I can finally tell you the story.


Tim Hames

Submitted: 4th December 02009

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