Nextreme 2008

Maser and fish

Rick Best genuinely risks life and limb, and goes to Iraq solely to try and win Thursday Nextreme .

Dear Jasper,

This is a picture of me with my copy of Something Rotten, which I have just started reading.

I am pictured in a US Marine Corps base in Iraq. I know the rules state that dangerous situations won't be accepted, but I assure you I didn't set this up just to win a Thursday Next cup, although I suppose it might be worth it. I was already here when my brother sent me the first 4 Thursday Next books to help me stay sane while I'm over here. I can't say they've helped in that area, but they have certainly kept me entertained and helped me pass the time.

Getting lost in a good book is essential over here when my own fantasies start to go stale, so thank you for Thursday Next and the whole bookworld environment that is so much fun to get lost in.

Rick Best

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