Nextreme 2008

Megan at a Harry Potter Convention

Megan taking her life in her own hands...

Dear Mr. Fforde,

I had always heard it said that fans of fantastical literature often become gravely protective of their series of choice. Indeed, my older brother was once nearly mauled on the streets when the sidewalk on which he was innocently walking suddenly became the site of a vicious Lord of the Rings brawl.

It would seem that ardent devotion for one's preferred literary fare can at times turn harmless bookworms into mad killing machines, and so it was that I risked life and limb to take this photo that you see here today.

That is me in the middle reading a well-worn copy of Lost in a Good Book while surrounded by devout Harry Potter fans on the eve of the sixth movie's premiere. It took all my courage to keep that sign raised, for the Hermione and Hedwig enthusiasts on either side were treating me with all the politeness of rival shoppers at a Swindon Booktastic closing-down sale.

I should probably take this moment to assure you that I was not harmed in any way during the taking of this photo. Although the Potter buffs were not happy with my open support of the Fforde Ffandom, the most they did was scream at me to walk my insultingly Muggle self right out of there. Whatever that means...

With Sincere Regard,


Submitted: 16th July 02009

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