Nextreme 2008

Abby Moncrieff at Machu Picchu

Abby Moncrieff ignores fascinating architecture to get to grips with some serious extreming...

Dear Mr. Fforde,

This past spring, while vacationing in Peru, I caught a horrible stomach bug -- food poisoning from all the roasted alpaca and baked guinea pig? -- the day before journeying to Machu Picchu. Although painfully ill when we arrived at the site, I muscled through the hike to the guard's tower (from which we got a stunning view of the ruins). By the time we got to the top, though, I badly needed a break. And so I got Lost In a Good Book. Thanks for the wonderful distraction and respite! Photographic evidence attached.

Abby Moncrieff

Submitted: 21st July 02009

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