Nextreme 2008


Ginny finds solace in the library...

Dear Fforde,

I know you are the type who can appreciate finding hidden corners of libraries where one can spend quite pleasant hours meeting such characters as Peter Pan. I Had such an encounter yesterday, and he whispered to me where I might find a splendid book that would help me escape for a few hours. I have been badly in need of such an escape since I have just started University in a place that is quite new to me, and there does not seem to be anyone about who can share in my much-needed adventures. Ah well, I suppose life demands us to pretend to be "civilized" most of the time. This is why I was most grateful to the slightly arrogant little boy who soon forgot who i was and began to play with bookdust (Speaking of which, did you know that inhaled Bookdust produces such wonderful dreams at night?!). Nevertheless, i followed his directions down the stairs, around a pillar, up a rainbow, through a particularly grumpy book, and found myself between two tall library stacks. I looked and there in front of me was "The Eyre Affair". I took it carefully from the shelf, cradled it in my arms and promptly checked it out. After drinking in every delicious page I quick got my camera to take a picture...i believe if you look closely you can still see that i am slightly stuck in Thursday's world...

Hoping you've enjoyed my tale,

Ginny E.H.

Submitted: 9th October 02009

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