Nextreme 2008


Kendra Millar and some Extreme pumpkins...

While I realize this is called the "Thursday Next X-treme" contest not the "Nursery Crimes Files" contest, I had to enter this photo because it is quite dangerous. I attended the Norfolk County Fair & Horse Show in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada to find extreme food growing. While there were no super large cucumbers there were many examples of giant pumpkins. This year's largest was 1450 pounds. (World record is 1689 pounds)

Thankfully I had my copy of The Fourth Bear to remind myself how to neutralize the situation if anything happened. I am wondering if someone is keeping an eye on the pumpkin enthusiasts. While I didn't see Angus McGuffin lurking, he may well be found here one of these years.

Kendra Millar
Welland, Ontario

Submitted: 9th October 02009

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