Postcard: 'Spoon Ishihara'
An Ishihara test with a hidden spoon
Just one part of the extensive Ishihara test.
This is, I expect, just one of the many colour-cards a Colourman would use to test a resident's colour perception during their Ishihara on their twentieth year. You would be asked what you could see.

"...But all doubts came to nought the morning of your Ishihara. No-one could cheat the Colourman and the colour test. What you got was what you were, forever. Your life, career and social standing decided right there and then, and all worrisome life-uncertainties eradicated forever. You knew who you were, what you would do, where you would go, and what was expected of you. In return, you simply accepted your position within the Colourtocracy, and assiduously followed the Rulebook. Your life was mapped. And all in the time it takes to bake a tray of scones. ..."

Colour postcard, 1000 editions. Given out during UK Shades of Grey tour, January 2010.

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