Postcard: 'Courtland Gamboge'
Guest Postcard Artwork 003
Unloved but not forgotten, I fear.
Instead of designing my own postcards this year, I thought I would throw the invitation open to illustrators and see what they came up with. I was iniatially going to have just four, but it ballooned to eight.

This is Sara Jaffer's take on Courtland Gamboge from Shades of Grey. Young, Yellow and arrogant, I thought this pretty much summed up how I thought the odious Gamboge should look.

'Gamboge', incidentally, is a yellow pigment obtained from the urine of cows fed on mango leaves. Sums the family up well. To see what Sara gets up to when she's not actualising Gamboges, go to her blog at:

Colour postcard, 1000 editions.
Given out on One of our Thursdays is Missing tour, Feb/March 2011.

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