TEA 003
The Chapel at Capel-y-Ffin
Not the Chapel at Capel-y-Ffin
As any resident of Capel-y-Ffin will tell you, this isn't the chapel - it's the church, situated 100 yards away. In many ways this picture began all this giveaway stuff. One of the thoughts floating around my head at the time of the 'no chapter 13' nonsense (I am not remotely superstitious) was that I would stick a picture on the empty p142 on selected books. Well, it wasn't a great idea, I admit it, but it gave me the idea for 'Inserts' or 'Easter eggs' inserted willy-nilly. This was the second - TEA 006 was the first - and this one is probably unique in that it has nothing whatever to do with Thursday or her world. Hand printed in B&W; the first ten were unnumbered and in 5X7 - numbers 11-50 were numbered and in 6X4.
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