TEA 014
Jigsaw Puzzle
 jigsaw puzzle
Constuff 80-piece Jigsaw
Consolidated Useful Stuff was a company that originally appeared in The Last DragonSlayer, an as yet unpublished children's book written by Plodkin here. Along with ConStuff (as it became known) were also Universal Widgets, Conglomerated Things Inc, Things That You Wear Ltd and United Toys. It was the same book where Adrian Lush made his first appearance, and also the 'Blessed Ladies of the Lobster' and all other lobster-related nonsense. ANYHOW, Constuff became a company in The Nextian Universe which didn't seem to be owned by Goliath, and did all the SpecOps merchandising deals - of which this is one. Purporting to be a tasteful piece of merchandising, it is actually a jigsaw by Boots the chemist with the box turned inside out and reglued (Only on number one; all the rest just had 'Boots' blacked out with a marker.) Picture on front is stuck over clear plastic window. Note pieces missing over identity of TN. Five actual jigsaws made and distributed (Code JP01) but the pictures of the jigsaw (Code TEA 014) were an edition of 100, numbers 1-72 in colour and 73-100 in B&W. Given out with TN-1, July-August 2001. nb: Constuff logo changed mid-distribution of puzzles. I think only number 1 has the logo the same as the picture.

For more about the actual puzzle, try JP 01

(For US readers, 'Boots' is a popular chain of drugstores here in the UK)
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