TNU 002
Bordeauxesque Label
A bottle of Goliath's finest
The inspiration for this comes from an Australian shopping channel that reffered to a cheap glittery ring as 'Diamondesque'. 1998ish seemed a good addition, as was the flowery and faux-quality 'Chateau Goliathe'. It's cheap rubbish made in factories, like most wine. Since I can't resist tinkering, and all writers tend to see themselves as the next Johnathan Swift with red-hot satire sparking from their fingertips, I wrote this into the small print on the label:

Warning: This product may give the user the misleading notion that they are very amusing and good company. Please think of others when you using this Goliath product. Excess drinking may lead to birth defects, violence, poor driving, broken homes and serious medical problems in old age. By making alcohol freely available and passing on the duty to the government we (and the government) tacitly approve and encourage of all of the above.

On self-adhesive paper, hand numbered, colour inkjet. 100 editions.
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