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Dodo Home Cloning Kit
 Dodo Home Cloning Kit
Dodo Home Cloning Kit
Dodo Home Cloning Kit. Having come up with the idea of home cloning kits I was wondering what form this should take. After thinking about a cardboard box, very large and with instructions, I thought that probably it would be quite small, and need to be sealed for freshness and sterility. Why not a can? This is a large size baked bean tin with the label removed and a new one designed in its stead. As can be seen from the label, this tin contains all that you need to build a living, breathing, Raphus Cuculatis Resurgam! (I added the resurgam bit; I append it to all reengineered creatures - it means 'risen again') The kit would contain: Gloves, dodo DNA, Instructions, Denucleated dove eggcell, 'Speedgrow' growth compound and a measuring spoon. I guess this is something you can do in your kitchen with a whisk and a large bottle. Sit back and watch your dodo grow!

Note 'SpecOps 13' double helix logo which pops up elsewhere on the postcards, in particular, LGB 036.

Unlimited and unnumbered, at present there are six in existence. Myself, my mother, Helen G-W, one was sold, signed, at the Exeter Microcon in 2003, and two more at the 2005 Fforde Ffiesta. The sixth was printed for Elaine and Kev's wedding in July 2009. (and is enscribed as such on the label)
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