Postcard: : 'The Three Thursdays'
Three Thursdays
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Unusually for a girl, Mari likes to buy clothes and dress up, so we thought we'd have some fun with the three Thursdays and give her a chance to do some shopping on eBay. The 'Real' Thursday has been long-established as this will be the fourth time we have featured Mari somewhere on the postcards as Thursday, so all we had to do is to add Thursday1-4 and Thursday5 and put them in character. Thursday5 was quite easy - we just had her flounce around happily in the background. Thursday1-4, bored as ever, checks her automatic. The Porsche is not on the road at present, so we shot this in the field behind the house.

Colour postcard, unnumbered, given out on UK/US tour for First Among Sequels July/August 2007. 1000 editions.

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