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Updated 6th Jan 2011 UK Paperback release competition
Updated 30th Jan 2010: Clarification on Sleuthing page
Updated 12th Jan 2010: Win a Camera Competition from Hodder
Updated 9th Jan 2010: New Picture in Gallery
Updated 5th Jan 2010: New Pictures in Gallery
Updated 4th Jan 2010: New Webvert Movie

Hello and welcome to the Shades of Grey section of the website.

Here at Fforde Towers we have tried to put together a few ideas and images in order to give you an idea of how I came to write a book like this, what it means to me, and further discussions points plus images, a movie or two and a Bestiary.

Eddie Russett's world is very large and very small at the same time, and by having a look around this website we can throw some light on Chromatacia's wilder aspects.

The site is dead easy to use. The drips on National Colour's logo above will take you to the various sections, and each page has headings that can bring you back to here and anywhere else you might want to go. Just explore. There's even a fiendishly difficult sleuthing competition.

You may notice that this is once again written in vintage HTML, but that's because I really haven't progressed much when it comes to browser language in the past ten years.

The alternative is handing it over to the professionals, but there is always the risk that something is lost in translation, and a certain 'corporate distancing' creeps in.

I hope you enjoy the website, and I also hope you enjoy the book.