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My sites don't carry any adverts which is just as well, really - but now and then something really special comes along that I feel should be brought to an even larger audience than it is already. You can browse the list or jump straight there from the index below:

Reduced Shakespeare Company
Nextian Glove Puppets
Polish Website
The British Council - Contemporary Writers

The Reduced Shakespeare Company

By something special I mean something like the Reduced Shakespeare Company.

If you haven't come across this troupe of 'Vaudevillian Erudition' then you are in for something of a delight. Think Python, think Marx Brothers, think Shakespeare - now bring them all together.

The founders and performers of this troupe are Austin Tichenor, Adam Long and Reed Martin, and I first came across their Reduced Shakespeare show when it was on tour in Newbury in 1996. All 37 plays in 90 minutes is the promise and this whirlwind of "Bardfoolery" contains Othello as a rap, Hamlet performed in under ten seconds (backwards and forwards) and all the comedies performed as one.

They transferred the show to the West End of London where it still runs today - not to be missed. In addition to this reduction they also decided to bring other overinflated subjects down to a reasonable size - such as the Bible, US history, and all the world's great literature.

Want to know more? Log onto their website at reducedshakespeare.com and catch them when you can - you won't regret it!

Hand Puppets

Do you like fluffy animal handpuppets? If so you might like to log onto the following pages to know how you can order Nextian-related extinct creatures.

You can find your way to "Softwear Toys" by clicking on the link below:


Polish Website

Want to be treated to a Polish design-fest? The Polish Thursday Next website is now up and running and is quite brilliant. If you can't read it, just enjoy the visuals and the animated GIFs!

British Council Contemporary Writers

This site has a searchable database which contains up-to-date profiles of British writers - biographies, bibliographies, critical reviews, prizes and photographs. The British Council are very supportive of both established and new writers.
You can find the site by clicking on the link below: