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Thursday Next 4:
Something Rotten

Well, here it is at last, the fourth installment in the Thursday Next series, Something Rotten. This is coming out on the 26th July 2004 in the UK and the 9th August 2004 in the USA, thus giving me time for two weeks in both territories. (For tour details, click HERE). I don't want to give too much of the book away but suffice to say that Thursday arrives back in Swindon two years later to discover that a lot has changed while she has been away. Yorrick Kaine has seized power, Goliath are threatening to change to a faith-based corporate management system, and the winning of the 1988 World Croquet League SuperHoop (as foretold in the Seventh Revealment of St Zvlkx) is inextricably linked to the fall of Kaine and Goliath.

Characters that were absent from The Well of Lost Plots have guest appearances in the new book, most notably Spike, Mycroft and Polly, Joffy, Thursday's Mum, Emma Hamilton - and of course, Landen.

UK cover of 'Something Rotten'

UK NEW LOOK B Format hardcover
UK hardcover of 'Something Rotten'

UK 'Royal' collector's hardcover
USA cover of 'Something Rotten'

USA hardcover edition
The UK edition will be available in two formats: The 'Collector's Hardback' in Royal format to match the previous three, and a B Format Hardback (pictured above) which is the first proper UK hardback publication for me - Hoorah! The new artwork for the UK edition is a departure for the series and eventually all TN books will have this sort of '30's pulp' feel to them. USA edition is hardback, same format as the previous publications.

Also included in this bargain not-to-be-missed-buy-one-for-all-your-friends book are the usual four adverts at the rear, six illustrations by Maggy Roberts and a frontispiece, plus online 'Special Features' section available at this website at no extra cost!

The blurb for the UK edition goes like this:

       . . . I have watched Grammasites in flight over the pleasure domes of Xanadu, cantered bareback on unicorns through the leafy forests of Zenobia and played chess with Ozymandias, the King of Kings. But despite all these moments of wonder and delight, my heart belonged back home in Swindon and to a man named Landen Parke-Laine. He was my husband, the father of my son, he didn't exist, and I loved him . . .

Two years after Thursday Next's Ultraword adventure, the now ex-head of Jurisfiction returns home accompanied by a toddler, a pair of dodos, and Hamlet, eager to learn a little bit about conflict resolution. But the Swindon to which Thursday returns is not the one she left - for something is rotten in the state of England.

That something is Yorrick Kaine, escaped fictionaut, Daneophobe and engineer of the Ultraword scam. He is now Chancellor of England and intends to make the invasion of the Welsh Socialist Republic his first task when elected Dictator.

But time is out of joint. A timephoon in the dark ages is throwing prophets into the present - one of whom, Swindon's very own St Zvlkx, has a few startling revelations: not least the end for The Goliath Corporation and Yorrick Kaine, who both seem to be inextricably linked to the outcome of the 1988 World Croquet League final.

It's very much in a day's work for Thursday, who with help from her father, Hamlet and 'Spike' Stoker, manage to deal with everything Swindon can throw at her, yet still find time to answer the following questions: How can she uneradicate her husband? Who is cloning Shakespeares? Why does Nelson insist on dying at Trafalgar? Who is the assasin trying to kill her? And why is it so difficult to find reliable childcare?

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