The Signature
A page to clear up any misunderstandings.

This is important: I have never given my permission or know of any occasion where my signature has been signed by someone else. This is important so I'll repeat it: Never. That's never as in 'not once'. Zip. Nada.

Okay, now picture this: I have 4000 copies of books to sign. I'm doing this in one hit because I need to write TN3 and I have a launch to get through, a website to update and a trip to Oz which will eat into writing time. The signature I used last year is a sort of 'joined up capitalisation' which I did so my signature was large, flamboyant and legible. It also takes a long time, and painful to do repetitively. My first 600 or so books that morning had this signature, and it was slow going. As the clock ticked on, my signature changed. See below for an idea of the evolution.

jasper signature
2001's signature and
2002's to about book 600.

jasper signature
Another attempt but not very neat.
An 8-year-old could do better.

jasper signature
Still scrawny and borrowing
my father's 'J', but still not right.

jasper signature
At Last! Easy to write and fast too.
I Like the J, especially.

There were others, too - some quite bad as I entered the second thousand. If you look at the joining of the S to the P and the downstroke on the P you will see that your signature is similar to one of these. They are all mine - and the final one is the one I am sticking with. Sorry if this caused any uncertainty, guys - but I need my wrist.

Oh, and for the record, I managed all 4000 in about six hours (with short breaks) I calculated this at 6 seconds a signature - sustained rate. There were five of us. One unwrapping the books, one person placing in front of me, and two repacking. If you're interested, 4000 books is about the volume of two VW beetles. Again: I have never knowingly had anyone else sign my name, and never shall. It's a point of honour. It's that simple.